Ms. Samantha’s Feminization Training

If you are reading this, you most likely know now that I am Nina Paige’s feminization Mistress. You may call me “Mistress (or Ms.) Samantha”. While I do Mistress across a diverse array of sexual fantasy and fetish types, I specialize in all forms of feminization – from the simple to the complicated, the novice to the advanced, fantasy only to real-time implementation. Whether you are just curious, only beginning to explore your own sense of femininity or have dressed every day for decades, I have the knowledge, experience, and genuine interest necessary to train, educate, assist, mentor, and support you in all of your feminine endeavors.

The primary areas of feminization with which I deal are the following:

Panty boys – For those fellows who enjoy wearing, playing with or in, and otherwise having fun with panties only

• Lingerie lovers – For those men who love delving into the lush tactile and taboo experience of the range of women’s intimates

• Sissification – For those sissy boys and girls who love all things pink, bowed, ruffled, and ultra-girly – from “traditional” to the super slutty to the domestic diva

• “Generic” crossdressers – For those men who casually crossdress for a naughty feminine thrill

• Lifestyle crossdressing – For those men who have a lifelong history of dressing and feel that expression of their femininity is an essential -and permanent- part of who they are

• Transgender identities – For those crossdressers and others whose self-perception of gender does not perfectly match their sexual anatomy, especially those who feel bigender

• Transsexualism – For those who gender identity is fully that of those with the opposite physiological sex, whether they do or do not plan to pursue hormones, breast  augmentation, other plastic surgeries, and/or SRS (sexual reassignment surgery)

 If you would like to discover, explore, enhance, enrich, and broaden your feminine horizons, you may contact me via e-mail at


Those in search of a cheap thrill or free cybersex WILL be permanently blocked! I reserve my knowledge, experience, energy, and attention for those who truly desire to immerse themselves in the joys of feminization and their own unique experience of femininity.


~~~Mistress Samantha

  1. I am a girl trapped in a man’s body. I am ready to make the change.

  2. I have just lost my girlfriend who thinks I need to cease fighting my feminity. I now have a Mistress Robin she is ready to train me and I am ready to learn

  3. Cindy Sanchez

    I would like help being more like a girl

  4. Please help me understand who I am.

  5. I do plan on transitioning once I’m able to

  6. Mistress Samantha

    Ryan, I assume you are not only transgender, but specifically transsexual? By transitioning, do you mean you wish to live as a woman full time or are you referring to physical changes only? Do you want SRS eventually or do you plan to do everything BUT SRS?

    You do know that a large part of transitioning goes on from the neck up, right? Even if there are roadblocks to the process of fully transitioning across every arena of your life, there are things you can do to feel you are on that road now.

  7. It sounds like we have much to discuss, Ryan, and I look forward to learning more about you.

  8. I would like to learn to apply make-up correctly to look sexy.

  9. Ms.Samantha i have for a long time always had a thing for silk panties and nighties.Always wish I could get caught and forced by a woman to wear womens clothing and even like the whole idea of a woman forcing me to be her girl.Well my wife left me because she thinks I want to be a girl but really I just like the roleplaying.Now I feel like Im worthless.

  10. Hello Mistress Samantha. I enjoy feminization and crossdressing. I would enjoy chatting with you and getting to know you. I am a closet sissy and would like to hear your thoughts as I tell you all about myself. I also have some pictures that I would love to hear you comment ane maybe give some friendly advice. Hope to chat with you Mistress Samantha. Kisses to you, xoxo.

  11. Yes we do mistress. I would like you to help me fully transition with SRS, so I can become your mtf slave girl. Please email back ASAP so we can start

  12. william alexander

    i would love to be controled and femminized and sissified

  13. I want to be feminized and learn the path to do it.

  14. I’m really interested in your feminization training mistress

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