Contact Mistress Samantha

Isn’t it time that you meet Mistress Samantha?  You can introduce yourself to her via email at or you can contact her on Yahoo Instant Messenger at “fetishvixensam”.

She knows how much you fantasize about wearing silky panties, lacy bra’s, and pretty dresses.  She will develop a very special custom approach designed specifically for you.  Of course, once she knows you and completes her planning, you are going to be as  completely helpless as I am.  It is what you crave, need, and deserve.   

Once she feminizes you, you will be hers forever.  Trust me and take my word on this.  Her feminizing you just one time means you will never ever escape.  From that moment on, she will totally and completely control you.

Both you greatest desire (being feminized) and you’re biggest fear (losing control) will be happening all at once.

Oh, I know that sounds hot tempting and exciting.  But do I detect some skepticism?  Maybe you don’t really believe me.  Before talking more about you, let me testify what happened to me.

I expressed some skepticism with Mistress, so she decided to teach me my place.  For being just a little skeptical, Mistress Samantha decided to dress me pretty silk lace panties for an extended period of time.  Not just when it was easy.  No – Mistress punished me by requiring me to wear pretty panties 24 hours per day, 7 days per week including to work.

It was only a few months later that she decided that,  whenever I was dressed in my pretty panties, I had to also wear sheer pantyhose or a lacy garter belt/stockings.  I’m sure you quickly get the picture, since I was required to wear pretty panties all the time.   I was now required to keep my legs encased in sheer silky stockings at all times.  Yes – including sleeping in them.

How do you think I looks in stockings, high heels and petticoat? Yes – this is a real picture of me

So when did she let me take off my pretty panties and sheer stockings?  How long did she continue to punish me for?

Mistress decided she was going to keep me continually dressed in pretty panties and sheer stocking permanently.   By now, I had learned that had I complained I would have likely been required to wear a bra, corset, bustier or slip also.   I’m Mistress Samantha’s slave girl and she had decided she is going to keep me completely feminized forever.  I’ve now been dressed in stockings and panties every moment of every day for the last 2.5 years and I’ll never be allowed by Mistress to  remove them.

Now – BACK TO YOU.  You may never again find a female who has such knowledge and insight of submissive feminized males.  Mistress limits her time to only a few limited select clientele via phone, web-cam or email. Experience isn’t necessary or even desirable. However complete honesty and sincerity is absolutely mandatory.  Mistress only deals with true submissives who have a real desire to be feminized and controlled.

The desire to have female participation is perhaps your greatest need. You cannot escape that fact no matter how hard you try. You’ll never satisfy these desires yourself with just fantasies. You truly need the involvement of a real female. Trying to do it alone will continue to frustrate, disappoint, and not only negatively impact your desires but it will negatively impact the rest of your life also.

Yes Mistress has spoken to thousands just like you and I.  She knows we are all very unique and special. Only she has the experience, education, and knowledge to discover specifically what you really need.  Once she does, she will design a custom approach tailored just for you. You will soon find yourself obediently doing whatever she tells you.  Mistress absolutely will dominate, control, and discipline you while still protecting your privacy, confidentiality and being extremely discrete.

Spending time under her domination and control will enhance all aspects of your present life. Part of that time, will be devoted to specifically training you to be a better husband, boyfriend, son, father, business leader and overall person.  Your wife or girlfriend may not relate much to submissive, feminized desires.  However, when she trains you (and she WILL) to be a much better husband or boyfriend – your wife/girlfriend will be thrilled with you beyond belief.

Think about it carefully – if you have this desire & need, would you wife or girlfriend deny you spending time in your home on the phone, via email, or webcam working with a professional if they are seeing it improving your life and theirs?  Yes – you can do this and improve everyone(s) life.

But, you must take one simple step.

Introduce yourself to Mistress Samantha via email at


Yahoo messenger id – Fetishvixensam

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  1. Mistress i wont to became. a slave for yr pleaser in all aspects of femainze. i have only wore panties but neet to be fully control to becamr a crossdreser i am fat small cock and funny give good pleaser. to quikk to kneel. and do all u want r

  2. If you want to send Mistress Samantha a message, send her an email in the article that you read called “How do you contact Mistress Samantha”. The first thing a slave girl must do is follow directions and be patient.

  3. Your website makes both cruel and poeinllcmg reading Mistress It is wonderful to see a woman so very much in control!Love the updates and seeing what misery you have been inflicting upon your sluts

  4. Yes – mistress has complete total control over me

  5. I would love 2 b your sissy sex slave

  6. I doubt it. You get the hots and just fire away snf probably lack the conviction to really do it.

    TRY READING THE BLOG ENTRY – it tells you how to contact Mistress Samantha. Ir really isn’t that hard to do.

  7. Mistress I want to be own by u

  8. try reading “how to contact mistress samantha” and send her an email.

    This is not her website

  9. My female is Henrietta I used to be Henry! I have been to pro doms who have spank flogg and caned me. Dressed me in women’s underwear did but plug play and fucked me in the ass with strapons. However it was only for a few hours at a time and it wasn’t real! I want it to be real, perhaps you can help me.

  10. Henrietta : you need to contact to Mistress Samantha at

  11. Mistress Samantha make me in to fully feminized sissy slave my mistress

  12. Mistress when your you in chat room

  13. Help me out please I’m stuck in a boy and I have get out

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