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The Transgender stereotype – An agenda by Transsexual’s


Picture perfect

When I was growing up, if you dressed as a girl, the stereotype was that you must be gay. Logic being that if you want to dress as a girl, you want to have sex with a man. The hard link between gender and sex.

Now in the Facebook era, the stereotype has thankfully changed. But now much? Now it seems to be if you dress as a girl, you are “transgender” which 99% of the people are using to be equivalent to transsexual. Again, the hard link between gender and sex – so where is the real progress? Sorry, the truth is there is no real progress.

The tragic irony is this is the most opinionated seem to the gay community and now the transsexual community seems to be following suit. Frankly they should have been the most open.

Well, I am not gay and I am not transsexual (or transgender), I am bi-gender for lack of a better word. So I will continue to espouse who I am. My biological sex is male. I have sex with woman only. I am not changing my sex. With that said, my gender is far more girl than guy. A very dark pink side with a light powder blue side both of which can nicely coexist in your accept both. I may be more feminine that most girls but have a masculine side also. Neither are going anywhere. Nor is my ultra submissive side that loves female domination.  Yes – on this blog I describe myself as a girl. Well – since I’m more girl than male, that is true.  But that does not mean, my biological state will ever change.  GENDER DOES NOT EQUAL SEX.  

Stop pretending Mommy

My original caption says it all.



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