About Nina Paige



No. I am not a sissy, so do not call me that. Immediately thinking I am a sissy is an incorrect assumption and stereotype. It seems to me that many crossdressers use that term in an effort to fit in and be understood. That is just baloney!

Sissies display an over-the-top, flamboyant exaggeration and parody of femininity. I have never seen a real woman act like a sissy…

Being a crossdresser does not mean…
1. one is a sissy.
2. one is sexually attracted to other men.
3. one is transsexual and wants to change his anatomical sex in some way.

My most uncontrollable passion, desire, and biggest turn-on is dressing in female attire. This has always been far too powerful for me to resist.  In addition to dressing in women’s clothing, female domination -whips, chains, bondage, spankings, and other physical and psychological submission on my part- is also a part of my feminization excitement and experience.

My collective sexual desires are best described by the motto of “ALL girl, all the time,” regardless of how I am dressed.

About five years ago, I contacted Mistress Samantha via the Internet. I rapidly lost all control, as she placed and KEPT me in panties and stockings, 24 hours a days, 7 days a week, for three months of punishment. After these three months, I learned She would be keeping me in lacy panties and sheer stockings for now on… permanently!

My uncontrollable sexual desires are now under Mistress’ strict control…

This blog has many entries designed to inform, inspire, educate, entice, encourage, entertain, prompt interaction with, and ultimately enslave you (as I now am). As did I, you know it is who you want and were meant to be!

SERIOUS submissives can contact Mistress Samantha via e-mail at fetishvixensam@aol.com OR Yahoo Instant Messenger at the ID fetishvixensam.

  1. Great share. Very insightful.

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