Fantasy, Enhanced and Restoration Photo’s

Over the years, my Nina Paige facebook account has grown to over 1,500 followers and friends.  I belong to dozens of related groups.  Some of the groups that I belong to(such as a group devoted to captions of males being dressed as girls) has 18,000+ worldwide members in that one group alone.  

One thing I am 100% sure of –  we love to look at ourselves all dressed up.  Many of us also love to see others feminized as part of their being submissively trained & disciplined by females.  Naturally, in groups this large, some members are there only for pure fantasy fulfillment.  Others members are more active contributors.  Well I have discovered a service that is applicable to 100% percent of all the members.  

It is a discreet, low cost, professional and most importantly a non-judgemental friendly service.  The service can be found at and the senior administrator of the service is a woman who is simply suberb and outstanding to interface with (  Can you find similar services offered by others? Not in my experience.  Let’s face facts.  Finding services that are cross dresser friendly is always challenging.  Let’s explore more about my plans to use this service.  


The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.  My imagination is just starting to warm up.

  • I have always wanted to be in the ultimate woman’s dress – a beautiful bridal gown. Expensive proposition and then how do I properly care for the dress afterwards?  Well has now dressed me in my 1st bridal gown and I look stunning.  I cannot wait to do more bridal gowns photo’s. I have always wanted to be presented to Mistress Samantha as her stunning, gorgeous bridal submissive wearing a beautiful gown.    
  • Tasteful domination photo’s with mistress.  Yes I want to the person in those photo’s and thanks to my new fantasy photo – I am.   More to come.
  • Womanless beauty pageants.  Yes – I will be a future contestant thanks to this service.  Who knows, maybe some of the girls on facebook will want to join me on stage dressed to the nine’s.  Perhaps even – a virtual womanless beauty contest judged and hosted by real biological females.  Now that would be awesome.  The beauty of this is you don’t even have to own a dress.  You can borrow one.
  • Sexy boudoir photo’s in a low cut dress, bra or nightgown.   Oh yes a series of those is definitely on my to-do list.   My clevage transformed from kludgy looking breast forms to a lovely set of breasts.
  • Who knows what will come next.  A formal gown dress model series? the secretary series? the maid series? Southern Belle series; Renaissance series- the possibilities are endless.  

My message about fantasy photo’s is simple,  no matter what you life circumstances are, your fantasies can become much more vivid and real.

“YES YOU CAN DO WHAT YOU DREAM” discreetly at a low cost.


Some (perhaps many of us) have pictures of themselves all dressed up. Most seem to be taken via self timers.  As several facebook posters have pointed out (as well as Mistress Samantha), the photo’s most of the time have poor backgrounds, our facial expressions and body language don’t represent being thrilled, and our hair/makeup/clothes often look like we throw our outfits on in 2 minutes.  I love taking my photo’s but looking back on them is ALWAYS disappointing exactly for the reasons stated above. Truth be told, of my several hundred photo’s only a handful really capture me.  Even when I can capture the true me, the background limits my use of them. Sound familiar? 

For me, sending my existing photo’s to, is a wonderful, beautiful experience onto itself. The finalization of my transformation where my makeup, nails, hair is tailored to my specifications.  The background is adjusted (I often pick to be on stage). My body is properly shaped (skin smoothed, blemishes removed, hair removed from arms, and my clevage made real).  When I use this service, it is not just about transforming a photo. After they are done, I feel so deeply feminine, lovely, pretty, and attractive.  My body language, my words, my thoughts quite naturally reflecting the girl inside.  The submission and return of my photo’s are themselves a deep, sensual, lovely feminizing experience plus a lovely image emerges.  

The proof of this service is has it changed my mind?  I have always said my full images were never be publicly seen.   People on  Facebook have asked to see my face and I have said never.  Well, have me looking so pretty and attractive, I want you all to fully see me.  However, all of my photos – past, present and future automatically belong to Mistress Samantha (as do I). To be very clear, I am her personal, private, real-life Barbie doll complete with my Barbie named necklace.  Often photographed, videotaped, and recorded by her without being aware.   Whether I provide images or she takes them, she decides who will see them, when they will be shown, and how they will be shown.  I am sure enhanced photos of me will be posted at some point but Mistress may want to select my dress, hair, makeup, pose, background etc.  So although has changed my mind about full public display, you will see some images when Mistress decides.  I am sure a good well trained submissive.   

To summarize, the enhancement of my photo’s is now a vital part of my taking them.   The place where my complete final precious, lovely, pretty permanent record of my transformation happens.   


In writing this blog entry, something has occurred to me.  Yes – there used to pictures of me dressed as a young lady when I was 17 – 24 years old which I foolishly destroyed. Many, many of the people on Facebook did the same thing and we all wish we had them back.  That seems to be a universal desire of those who took photo’s that were ultimately destroyed. 

Are the pictures of me in my sisters lovely prom gown or my mothers chiffon dress really gone forever?  Is my first mini-skirt, blouse, pantyhose and wig really destroyed? How about my 1st lovely peignoir I purchased?   Is the picture of me wearing my sister’s favorite dress really gone forever?  

Well since pictures of the young man exist, pictures of those dresses may exist in family albums, they can be scanned in.  Perhaps my destroyed older photo’s can be brought back to life.  

I am sure, a much more extensive renovation but definitely a worthwhile project I want OSING THOUGHTS

As one of our former US politicians(RFK) famously said

“There are those that look at things the way they are, and ask why”

“I dream of things that never were, and ask why not?”  


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  1. Very hot and insightful share:))))))))))))))

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