Crossdressing – Why I do it !!

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Why I crossdress

Ever since I was a 2 year old, I was fascinated by woman’s clothes. The look, feel, and image was so exciting for this little baby boy.

As I grew a little older, I wanted to wear that pretty white communion dress and veil. I wanted to dress as a pretty princess bride. 

Then as a young teenage boy, the sexual excitement, turn-on, and gratification from dressing in my sisters and my mothers clothes.  Not just any of their clothes.  I wanted to look very feminine and pretty.  I wanted to feel really hot and very sexy.  So I dressed in their most feminine, enticing and appealing clothes.  Such sexual fire and pleasure. By the time I was 18, I was buying my own woman’s clothing in department stores including wigs and high heels.  

Of course, I had to sneak into the female attire.  My behavior had to conform to LIE (learned imposed, expected) conditioning from society, my mother, my family and my friends.  I had been brainwashed that this was absolutely taboo. There was constant unrelenting LIE conditioning and pressure to meet social norms.

Then 6++ years ago, I engaged on the Internet with a truly dominant woman who loves feminizing males. Mistress Samantha began the process of removing every inhibition as she stripped, nullified, eliminated and destroyed all that LIE conditioning. If you think you can do this by yourself – you are wrong.

I am in the world of silk, stain, lace, bows, taffeta, and nylons – a totally devoted, committed crossdresser who is more sexually turned on every moment I spend in it.   The world the 2 year old little boy wanted, the princess bride in waiting desired, the 13th year old boy lived in, the 18th year old entered further into and the adult male sneaked into every chance I could.  I am thoroughly completely addicted to the world of silk, satin, lace, bows, taffeta and nylons – the world where my sexual passions, fire and gratification occurs.  I have become Mistress Samantha’s crossdressed trophy dressing as pretty and sexy as I can.  Not because she requires it. I dress this way for her because I love to and cannot resist my desires to be totally completely feminized for her.  I am her Barbie doll.  I am Mommy’s pretty princess bride in waiting.

So I crossdress because this is my greatest sexual excitement, turn-on and   gratification.  Just like my love of BDSM.  Yes I’m sexually submissive to woman and want to be spanked, bounded, gagged, whipped, and chained by females (including mommy).   Just like it is hard to understand the sexual joy, satisfaction, and gratification from being harshly whipped by a woman, the same is true of trying to explain the sexual joy, satisfaction and gratification of being dressed in woman’s clothing.  My recommendation is to spend more time immersing yourself in your sexual interests and less time fretting about them. 

LIE conditioning still goes on everyday.  If you go onto the internet and Facebook, the gay community will tell you that’s why you crossdress, the transsexual/transgender community will tell you that you have evolved enough – you need to become a woman. Pure utter nonsense and the promotion of their agenda and conformance to their LIE conditioning.



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