Nina Paige Plays in Her Panties Like the Girl She Is!

Virtual and Phone Feminization Mistress SamanthaOh, Nina Paige! You’re Such a Girl!

Oh yes! My darling Nina Paige most certainly IS a girl, MY girl. For someone who (as a haughty, machismo-driven, high-strung male control freak) so readily scoffed at my words and insisted with great vehemence that I would NEVER turn him into a girl, how the pink tide has changed with some serious feminization and domination!

She Wears It So Well

You should just see my feminine pet in session. From the way she wears her dresses and skirts -whether she looks like my baby girl, elegant lady or professional secretary- to the way she slowly twists her creamy lipstick out of the tube (looking at it so longingly as she does) and takes great care to glide the luscious color over her pouty lips, it is undeniable how much she adores her pretty things.

…And She’s Such a Feminine Exhibitionist!

When Miss Nina Paige is all dolled up, it’s even more undeniable how much she loves showing off. She struts. She strolls. She poses. She models, hands on her hips (that are curvy because of a waist cincher or corset) and slender, shapely feminine leg extended to show off her stiletto heel – and that’s not all.

Just Look At Those Girly IntimatesFeminization Mistress Samantha

Nina enjoys lifting her skirt and showing off her panties, petticoat, garter belt, and stocking tops. Since my little princess thrives on and lusts so intensely for those moments when she is put on display for me (as well as other women to whom I have showed various photos of her),  it’s time to up the exhibitionistic ante…

Look Like a Girl, Play Like a Girl

Of course, it’s not like my next step for her comes as a newsflash for Nina Paige. In fact, it is she who enthusiastically endorses the philosophy that “If you’re going to dress like a girl and be a girl, then you have to play like a girl.” Kudos, Miss Paige, for embracing your feminine sensuality! (Not that it would matter to me if you didn’t, as you know my will is your own…)

Feminization Femdom SamanthaSensual Panty Play For the Feminized Miss Paige

During our last session, this particular feminization philosophy was put into action. Playtime consisted of Nina Paige pulling her dress up to expose her panties, as she took a vibrator and rubbed it across her stockings, along her bare upper thighs, and all over her panties. You should have seen her. She was in submissive feminine Heaven, rubbing, writhing, and responding to those vibrations.

I Never Said Anything About Panty Pudding

But…  Despite all that attention to her panties, there was to be no “happy ending”. The goal of our initial girly playtime was to immerse my feminized submissive male pet in the all-consuming, fiery, lust-filled passion of female sensuality – and a true woman never rushes to any finish line.

That is not what being a girl is all about… (at least not for now!)


Feminization Mistress Samantha




About Feminization Mistress Samantha

I am a Mistress who specializes in all areas, realms, and manifestations of feminization. I offer mentoring, advice, training, coaching, guidance, and support (via phone and Internet avenues ONLY*) for those interested in feminization, including panty boys, sissies, crossdressers, and transgender individuals (bigender and transsexual). As I take feminization very seriously, I screen and only accept candidates who are just as serious, and who I feel have the potential to be as engaged, involved, and as committed to the journey and experience as am I. Given the level of intensity and attention I provide my clients, I have only a finite number of slots available at any given time. Feminization is my passion, as are those who wish to examine, explore, maximize, and fully experience their own sense of femininity. I AM the real deal, and I WILL make a believer out of you. *---For those who question the effectiveness of a D/s interaction and/or feminization program via virtual means, do not underestimate the power of a dynamic relationship, where both parties are fully committed and in sync. This is yet another reason I do not accept everyone who is interested in feminization endeavors. My success rate is very impressive, and I reserve my exceptional abilities for those who are deserving and need my dedication and assistance.

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