Upcoming Disciplinary Session For My Favorite Feminized Male Submissive

Feminized Male Submissive Nina PaigeYou Have To Keep a Submissive Girl In Her Rightful Place…

Yes. It’s that time – and long overdue, I might add. My Barbie doll needs to be reminded where her place is, to whom she belongs, and why she is meant to evermore be a girl. Ladies and gentlemen, that means it is time for psychological reinforcement in the form of physical discipline!

You see, I am a firm believer in providing a myriad of reminders to my (feminized and other) submissives – including “physical reinforcement” (aka “corporal punishment” to most) and other “attention-grabbing” means- in order to increase their level of insight, awareness, and acceptance of their true place and level of submission. I know that may sound like a contradiction in terms, but, given my background in psychology, the purpose I intend discipline to serve is a positive one; it simply employs what might at face value be seen as negative means.

Reinforcing Those Feminine and Submissive Behaviors

In terms of operant conditioning (of which I am a firm believer and avid practitioner), “reinforcement” is meant to increase the probability that a desired behavior will occur (or continue to occur) in the future, where a “punishment” is meant to decrease the chances that a specific behavior will occur in the future. When I administer any of my “special” forms of reinforcement to my living doll AND that naughty little boy within who wants to sneak into girly things, it is my ultimate goal to further solidify that range of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors that I wish my darling femme pet to continuously experience – and I have to tell you that it has proven exceptionally successful.

Opinions Wanted From Other Feminine Submissives

I thought I might make things a bit more interesting by opening a forum for feedback (via poll), the responses of which I will take into consideration for implementation during an upcoming physical reinforcement session. This is your chance, as a reader and maybe even a closet girly girl yourself, to be of some assistance to Mistress; therefore, I invite you to toss your pink hat into the ring on this matter. It will be most appreciated and taken under serious advisement.


About Feminization Mistress Samantha

I am a Mistress who specializes in all areas, realms, and manifestations of feminization. I offer mentoring, advice, training, coaching, guidance, and support (via phone and Internet avenues ONLY*) for those interested in feminization, including panty boys, sissies, crossdressers, and transgender individuals (bigender and transsexual). As I take feminization very seriously, I screen and only accept candidates who are just as serious, and who I feel have the potential to be as engaged, involved, and as committed to the journey and experience as am I. Given the level of intensity and attention I provide my clients, I have only a finite number of slots available at any given time. Feminization is my passion, as are those who wish to examine, explore, maximize, and fully experience their own sense of femininity. I AM the real deal, and I WILL make a believer out of you. *---For those who question the effectiveness of a D/s interaction and/or feminization program via virtual means, do not underestimate the power of a dynamic relationship, where both parties are fully committed and in sync. This is yet another reason I do not accept everyone who is interested in feminization endeavors. My success rate is very impressive, and I reserve my exceptional abilities for those who are deserving and need my dedication and assistance.

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  1. Please help me

  2. Welcome, Lizzie! Feel free to contact me at fetishvixensam@aol.com to further introduce yourself and tell me a bit about you and your needs. I look forward to hearing from you. ~~~Mistress Samantha

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