Reflecting On Our Last Feminization Session: A Post By Mistress

admin-ajaxThere are inevitably moments when a Mistress reflects on her handiwork and cannot help but feel a sense of immense delight, gratification, and pleasure. During my last session with the darling and most well-behaved Nina Paige, I could not help but be impressed – with both of us and where we find ourselves today.

Putting the Feminine Brakes On the Arrogant He-Man

You see, the precious little Barbie doll I now have under my well-manicured thumb is a far cry from the person with whom I first spoke about feminization and crossdressing.

The person I met was a mouthy, belligerent, 100% type-A man’s man, who was obviously more than a bit used to having his way – precisely how he wanted it and with no compromise. That is who and how “he” was accustomed to being. “He” was an unapologetic control freak, who very obviously thought “he” was going to be in charge of his domination as well. No forced feminization for him! “He” was going to be man-on-top – or so he thought.

Enter femdom and feminization Mistress Samantha, more than any match for which he could have bargained…

Goodbye Boy! Hello Girl!

My how the tide has turned over these past years! So much for challenging and doubting me when I calmly insisted that I would turn him into a girl. While that bad attitude has long ago fallen by the wayside, I will never forget the conviction in “his” voice when he insisted that his being transformed into a girl would never happen. Despite the fact that “he” was -and had been for decades- a rabid crossdresser at heart, he somehow thought I could not or did not possess the power, persistence, expectation, and command of my art to be able to push him off the deep end of femininity that I knew full well he wanted so very badly.  He also underestimated to what extent I could see and understand his fears, feel that need which he had suppressed and denied for so long, know precisely how to get inside his head, and lead him to the supremely submissive and fully feminized place where he is today. He was completely clueless…

The Joy of Successful Feminization For Mistress and Submissive

In thinking of the beginning of our journey, I must confess that replaying certain conversational snippets in my mind now makes me laugh. Not only have I turned Mr. Man into a completely obedient and submissive girl, but he is now also Mommy’s little boy who has no control whatsoever over his desire to dress – AND be shown off to other Women as I see fit.  Whether it’s sales associates, females on the Internet or my very own mother, I am taking great enjoyment in putting my Barbie doll in positions where other Women know his “secret” and can see how much dressing delights him. I want them to see how comfortable he is, how at home he feels, and just how much he sincerely loves being feminized. The kicker here is that Miss Paige wants this public humiliation and exposure as much as I want her to have it!

Although we have accomplished so much, we still have a long way to go, don’t we my precious Barbie doll???

Feminization Mistress Samantha


About Feminization Mistress Samantha

I am a Mistress who specializes in all areas, realms, and manifestations of feminization. I offer mentoring, advice, training, coaching, guidance, and support (via phone and Internet avenues ONLY*) for those interested in feminization, including panty boys, sissies, crossdressers, and transgender individuals (bigender and transsexual). As I take feminization very seriously, I screen and only accept candidates who are just as serious, and who I feel have the potential to be as engaged, involved, and as committed to the journey and experience as am I. Given the level of intensity and attention I provide my clients, I have only a finite number of slots available at any given time. Feminization is my passion, as are those who wish to examine, explore, maximize, and fully experience their own sense of femininity. I AM the real deal, and I WILL make a believer out of you. *---For those who question the effectiveness of a D/s interaction and/or feminization program via virtual means, do not underestimate the power of a dynamic relationship, where both parties are fully committed and in sync. This is yet another reason I do not accept everyone who is interested in feminization endeavors. My success rate is very impressive, and I reserve my exceptional abilities for those who are deserving and need my dedication and assistance.

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  1. Yes mommy, your little boy can no longer resist his desires. Mommy knows how to trigger them so that I cannot stop myself from my desires. i cannot stop from dressing myself in panties, bra, stockings, high heels and a dress. When I was a teenager I used to tie myself up hoping Mommy would catch me and make me stay dressed. That is waht I craved and wanted from Mommy. The job, I didn’t finish, needs to be finished by Mommy.

    In terms of shopping, the Internet has been banned by mistress unless it’s for a speciality item not available in stores. All the rest must be personally picked out by me preferably in a woman’s clothing store. I must slowly deliberately shop for my clothes not rush in and out. I must shop as the girl that I have been turned into. The sales staff must be told whenever possible that I am picking out clothes for myself to wear ESPECIALLY if they ask. Yes, this includes even makeup, shoes, and wigs. Finally, as the situation warrants, the clothes need to be tried on in the store before I buy them. Mistress bow requires complete full public acknowledgment to the sales staff that I wear the dresses, bra’s, panties, high heels, skirts, blouses, wigs, and makeup that they are helping me select. From total complete suppress and denial prior to mistresses training to voluntary, full disclosure and acknowledgment as a result of my training.

    The pictures in the article was taken by mistress during one of our training sessions. Mistress will photograph, videotape, and record my voice whenever she chooses to. I have no say in the matter whatsoever. She will display these images as she decides and yes she shows them to others. Her mother in particular seems quite fond and interested in her daughter’s barbie doll that she has at her disposal. I get excited and turned on at the thought of becoming her mother’s barbie doll also.

    Yes, I am under mistresses strict control and the more she controls me, the more I want it. The more she displays me, the more I want it. The More I am displayed in public the more I want it.

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