Last Chance to Shop at Frederick’s of Hollywood? Do I Dare Publicly Humiliate Myself?

Oh, I should not do what I am thinking.  But my submissive and cross-dressing desires are overwhelming me.  I do not think, I can resist them.  They have me so strongly, powerfully and intensely in their grip.   

Frederick’s of Hollywood is closing 33% of their retail stores.  I am sure some in my area will be closed. I love Frederick’s selection and have since I was a young teenage boy.  So I definitely need to shop at the store again before they close the stores in my area.  So big deal. Why am I saying I should not do this?

Because after I shop, I have developed this need to hand the sales assistant a introduction card.  Yes, it really excites me and it also does serve to educate the sales assistants or perhaps tweak their curiosity.

I have never developed the courage to hand her the card before shopping but promised myself I would. So with the store closing it will be now or it never happen.   And what happens at Frederick’s doesn’t stay at Frederick’s(it is not Las Vegas), I also apply that to Victoria’s Secret shopping.

Now, since this could be my last live shopping trips to Frederick’s of Hollywood that deserves a special introduction card to be handed to the sales assistants when I enter the store (all of the sales assistants) and also those at Victoria’s Secret.  Oh, I should not but the desire is overwhelming me.

Here is my card.   I just ordered it.  Oh by the way, for logistics reasons my shopping trip needs to be on a Saturday.  Probably the day at the stores with the most sales assistants.  Will I really go through with it or will I get “cold feet” ?

                                                                   FRONT OF CARD

front of card



                                                                     BACK OF CARD

back of card


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  1. you go gurl! Do you know which stores will close? Did they announce the list yet?
    There are two near me – hope at least one stays open.

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