Welcome 2015: A Happy, Humiliating, Revealing, Submissive, Naughty New Year from Miss Nina Paige

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Turned in a girl, a slave, and Mistress Samantha personal property since 2010

Turned in a girl, a slave, and Mistress Samantha personal property since 2010

My instant message to mistress this morning on 01/01/2015 to amuse, entertain, and further submit to her is “my desires to be feminized, dominated, disciplined, controlled, and enslaved BURNS and grows more intensely each year since I became your property in 2010. I cannot stop them, resist them, or ignore them. They are to be laid at your feet, at your altar of power that I kneel before knowing that you will have them burning more intently and that your training of me will continue so they will deepen more and more.

I was turned into a girl, changed into and so marked as the personal private property of Mistress Samantha in 2010. So my IM to you is  be available for all on the internet to witness where it be forever recorded”

The above is a Miss Nina Paige original image.  This caption is about 4 primary subjects as well as lot’s of secondary ones like bondage, dominant females, makeup, black silk stockings, free loose hair etc, etc, etc.  In order not to write something the length of war & peace – lets focus on the primary subjects

  1. Being stripped of all control over your feminized submissive side for real
  2. Dildo’s and why the excite Miss Nina Paige
  3. Female domination when your submissive desire is drained
  4. The WHIP

Being stripped of all control over your feminized submissive side – for real

The myth is that BDSM contracts are not enforceable.  Yes – an explicit overt BDSM contract is not enforceable.  But that’s so easy to get around.

It is called a Photo release contract.  Once you sign that contract, Mistress legally, with unconditional rights, owns the pictures of you in stockings, high heels, and a dress. They are especially effective if taken without your wearing a wig.  Immediately recognizable so that it’s no doubt that it is you wearing the dress, stockings and high heels.  Are you ready to be a poster girl of a submissive on the internet for advertising purposes?  Oh, not enough motivation to get you totally obedient?  Perhaps a supplemental list needs to be provided to Mistress, you wives email, former girlfriends, mommy, sister, former college-mates, or perhaps your secretary’s email addresses. Maybe their cellphone (text) numbers? Mistress can quickly validate that these are real email or phone accounts.  There is somebody and probably lots of people you cannot afford to have see these pictures.  So you will immediately become Mistresses obedient slave – you have truly been stripped of all ability to control and you can never change your mind.  You will do as Mistress tells you.

Admit it, the idea really excites you and turns you on. It is female domination and control – no holds barred.  She has you helpless and you will DO everything she tells you. How badly do you want to be under female domination and control? Now that you’ve read this, think and fantasize about it.  Can you ever forget or resist this?  Oh – you are just a step away. How long can your resist these thoughts now that you’ve been introduced to them?  Don’t dare take this step unless you have confidence that Mistress is going to use this only for further BDSM slavery of you.  This can be tried to be used by an unscrupulous female in ways you don’t want.  She has so much control over you now.  There must be a bond of trust between a female dominant and the slaves that she owns, possesses and controls.

Does Mistress Samantha have me under a photo release contract?  No.  Would I sign one? ABSOLUTELY without hesitation or questioning.  Our bond of trust is very, very strong.  Mistress Samantha understands my submissive, girl side so well that I can no longer control it.  She has stripped me of all control in a very different way but no less effective way.

Does she have me pose for pictures and share them with whoever she wants?

I will leave that to your imagination but I am blushing profusely.

Dildo’s and why the excite Miss Nina Paige

First my title.  I have a definite preference to be addressed as Miss.

Ms. –  that’s a symbol of liberating – no don’t want that title.

Mrs?  Perhaps one day in the future.

To be Mrs. – first I need to go to a store to be fitted for a bridal gown.  Then ceremony day.   Makeup, hair and photo’s taken by some females followed by a submissive ceremony with Mistress Samantha. Taped with maybe even signed witnesses. One needs to earn their use of the title Mrs.  Is this in my future?  Oh we shall see.  As you can tell, it is thought out and planned.  Until that day – I love my title of Miss

Now for the dildo.  This one is something I felt puzzled about with my whole life.  I have no desire, interest, or excitement related to cocks.  I don’t even masturbate by directly touching my own cock.  I have no interest in anybody sucking my cock.  Yes – you have a biological male who doesn’t want a woman to suck his cock.  Yet a strap-on dildo by a female HAS always excited me.  My attractions have always been to be sexually engaged with females only.  I like to use the label “I am all girl – all the time“.  There is no bi-side to me whatsoever.  When I am dressed as a girl, I want to have sex as a girl and with girls.  Yes – Miss Nina Paige is excited and interested in females only.  So if you want to label call me – a lesbian.  One who wants to be a pretty feminine girl with an attractive feminine woman (not somebody who has a male side).  I am who I am. I have recently began to get rather open about expressing myself on Facebook.  The assumption that most or many of us are gay or bi-sexual needs to be pushed back on.  Never assume.

So if I love being called Miss.  I love my girls name.  I know I’m much more of a girl psychologically than a boy.  So then how should I have sex?  A vibrator or a dildo of course.  In the presence and witnessed by mistress or other females if she allows it.  I am becoming an exhibitionist.  So where does the dildo go? Inside of course.  In my pussy – yes MY PUSSY.  It may not be anatomical correct but it where it is going into my pussy until I cum.

Now being forced by Mistress to eat my own cum.  Pure humiliation and submission. If you are at all like how I USED TO BE.  When I cum – I used to lose all submissive desires.  Being spoon fed your cum while tied down by Mistress has just always in my mind been perfect justice.

Female Domination when you’re submissive desire is drained

Female domination when you all turned on is really hot, exciting, alluring, and sensual.

Ah, but the lingering question that has always haunted me has been – is this true female domination?

Yes I have always been interested, intrigued, and intoxicated with being strongly dominated by a female when I don’t want to be.  Specifically after she has purposely stripped me of all desires as her preliminary preparation prior to engaging in some intense female domination activities.

Female domination is at her discretion as to when, what, and where. Submission for those she dominates is to be done when she decides and wants it – not when the submissive wants it to happen.  I find that concept to be properly, appropriately humiliating – you are to have no say in the matter whatsoever.


Take a good hard look at the picture of her WHIP. It is not a flogger, it is not a cat-o-nine tail, or a mere single tail whip.  It is a bullwhip – very strong designed to inflict the maximum amount of pain.  

Oh – so I must like pain and have a high threshold? No it is just the opposite – low pain threshold and I don’t handle it well.

It goes hand and hand with the section above.  Made even more intense when every ounce of submissive desire is drained.  Mercilessly whipped, welted, and marked until I loudly scream and unconditionally cry is called completely breaking the submissive. The mere site of WHIP in Mistresses hand SHOULD cause slaves to tremble and truly fear what is to come.

The whip is needed to validate, re-enforce, and solidify the respective role of mistress and her property.  Although pain, screaming, blistering, marking, and uncontrollable crying will be occurring it is mere surface of what is happening.  The real purpose of her thorough intense whipping  and the experience her property will endure from mistress is to enhance, deepen, intensify, and strengthen the emotional and psychological bound between mistress and her property. The relationship between them to tightly bind, mold, and cement into a metaphysical , transcendental and near spiritual way.  His need to be her property turned into an uncontrollable fire, passion and desire that can only be satisfied by her further even more intense domination of him.  So what appears to those who don’t understand as cruel and wanton infliction of pain could not be further than the truth.  It will be a intense deepening of his need and further burning of his desire to become more deeply enslaved to his mistress.  A submissive male or dominant female will understand what my words may not be able to adequately convey.

Female domination is not to be a game to entertain – it is a lifestyle to be ever evolving, deepening and increasing in intensity.

Final thoughts : I could spend lots more time discussing Mistresses clothes (sexy black stockings always invoke an intense reaction in me), hair, makeup, clothes, facial expression, the equipment I am to bound to, the color of the dildo.

Instead read me final 3 lines of the caption – 3 times at least.

Happy New Years Day and my 2015 resolution is to be even more deeply enslaved to Mistress Samantha in 2015.


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  1. LOVE your blog and want to live it – i have also been forced feminized but i have been ordered to push it further. While you did give the names of the hair/wig salon and the gown shop you didn’t mention the actual names of the lingerie shops (betting that one is the now closed ‘Romantic Fantasies’ on Long Island) and other shops where you were able to try on clothes, nor the name of the makeup artist. i understand that you can’t give them out to the entire world though your blog, but if you can help a sister by giving me the names and locations through an email, i would be most appreciative, and i’m sure the stores would welcome the business, i am in your area, so the stores are all accessible for me. Thanks! mimi

  2. I am sorry mimi, I Have had a horrible case of the flu. it is coming to your email.

  3. every topic makes me want to get very nasty

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