Four Years Have Passed! It’s a Fully Feminized Anniversary Month

Feminized male who will be kept this way – FOREVER

Four years ago this month, I was punished and had to wear panties and pantyhose on a 24 hours a day and 7 days a week basis for a period of time.  After the punishment period, I was given a choice.  I could take them off or leave them on.  However, if I left them on, I would have to wear them all the time from now on.  Permission would be required to remove them.  Not only did I choose to keep them on,

I begged Mistress to let me keep wearing them. I pleaded with her for the privilege of being kept in panties and stockings all the time – knowing the rules before I did so.   I wanted to show her how strong my commitment, devotion, passion, and desire had become to continue my training by her.  My power to control being feminized was laid at Mistresses feet.  

So in the last four years, how many times have I asked to remove them?  Zero.  I cannot stop dressing in them – my desires and needs are too powerful and no longer controllable by me.  Of course, permission was never going to be given by Mistress anyway.  That is just understood and doesn’t need to be re-stated.  

My wife knows and fully expects me to be dressed in panties and stockings.  When my wife sees my behavior stating to deviate from its desired state, she will tell me it’s time to meet with Samantha.  Off to your room, anywhere from 30-60 minutes early before your meeting to get dressed and if Samantha decides to be spanked by her.  My wife, will check my face in the morning to make sure no traces of lipstick, eye shadow, or mascara remain before I go to work.  Although my wife doesn’t like to personally do this, she loves the results of having  Samantha do this to her husband. 

Now look at me in Sept 2014, unable to resist sleeping in my pretty pink Victoria Secret bra and nightgown with matching pink panties, sheer pantyhose.  Bracelet adorning my wrist with plum lipstick and lip gloss.  Of  course, with my lovely silicon breast forms.  

The girl inside and mistress rules but not how you may think. 

It is never by force.  They rule by knowing my inner desires and how to make me so excited I must dress immediately as a sexy pretty girl. OH…OH..OH…I cannot resist or stop.

Today the lacy Victoria’s Secret bra I am wearing in these pictures will stay on all day as well as my panties and stockings under my clothes.  I cannot bear to take the pretty lacy bra off – I love wearing bra’s – especially lacy padded bra’s.  Oh it may not show under my polo shirt but it feels so, so, so GOOD to be shopping dressed this way underneath.  

A fitting reminder on a four year anniversary month.  


cannot resist dressing this way

I cannot resist being feminized. I love sleeping in panties, bra, stockings, nightgown and lipstick


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