New pet names to reflect true ME – ultra feminized male


Just over 4 years ago, my training began.  I privately scoffed, at her claim, that she was going to turn me into a girl.   No way lady, I privately said to myself.  

I tried to purge her away, as I could sense her beginning to gain control of me.  I failed.  It was too late, she know me too well and how to set my desires on fire.  

Well, it took her less than 2 months.  Yes, in under 2 months, she had me on my knees begging and pleading with her to turn me into a girl.  I was so under her influence that I couldn’t resist begging and pleading her for this.  In just 6-7 short weeks, she had me in her grip – to be humbled first and beg for her to carry out her plan.  It was now not a question of if she would, it was only a question of when she would.     

Within 5-6 months, my training was expanded.  She informed me that I’d be wearing panties/stockings 24 hours a day 7 days a week for 30 days.  30 days soon became 90 days

After 90 days, stage 1 of my training and conditioning was now complete.  

  • I wanted to stay dressed in my panties and stockings.   


  • I begged and pleaded with her for the privilege of wearing panties and stockings.  


  • I got on my knees and confessed to her how much I wanted to be kept wearing my panties and stockings.


  • For how long she asked?
    • I asked her to please, please, please keep me dressed in panties and stockings EVERYDAY from now on.                                                                                      
  • That was 44 months ago.  Yes I’ve been in panties and stockings everyday since that time.  I will be in panties and stockings from now on !!!


 I love being called Miss.  It runs chills up my spine.  

Panties and bra’s – I adore wearing them.

So a nickname of  Miss Bra and Miss Panties is very descriptive.  Ah but that’s not enough – it doesn’t show a deep enough commitment to my desires.

I am Miss Lacy  Bra and Miss Silky  Panties.

Laughing/smiling/grinning ear to ear.   This is a perfect descriptive nickname for me.  All of the above 100% real.  

Now here is the more wicked fantasy side of me.

wpid-img_17093313134535.jpeg You will be wearing a bridal gown shortly — in front of me, my sisters, my mother, your sisters and your mother. From this moment on, you are my personal private PROPERTY. I will do whatever I want, whenever I want to and in front of anybody I choose to. You are totally powerless to even try to stop me. You will be further emasculated, broken, and enslaved so you are totally powerless in front of every female. You be kept this way forever and you will beg, plead for the privilege.

Would I really do it? Yes.

Do I really want to wear a bridal dress? Yes.

So it may be my wicked fantasy side but only because the opportunity to do this did not present itself.


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  1. writingthebody

    Well if that picture is you, this is definitely your destiny….you could even be a sex worker. But I assume she is there for the idea….and well, it is a sexy idea. I am a sub as well, as you can probably imagine….

  2. she is there for the concept – this is not me

  3. writingthebody

    Yes, I thought so….:)

  4. the white peignoir set at the top of the site is me

  5. writingthebody

    Thanks….and it is you in the words too of course….and I guess I live mainly in those….love your site for this journey you are sharing.

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