Forced Feminization and Discipline of the Male Slave: Turnaround Is Fair Play, Richly Deserved and Well-Earned

I really do dislike the term sissy.  My belief is that many use this term because that is an expectation of others.  I find sissy behavior in most ways to be mocking and a parody of females.  It is borderline insulting to the females almost making fun of them.  

Female domination has a significant component that consists of male emasculation.  Males are to be thoroughly completely emasculated by their female owners.  It is the treatment they deserve. Emasculation is psychological castration keeping the male submissive in continual torment and submission.  Their tormented submissive state weakened state is used by their female owners to continue the molding and breaking process. They are helplessly led further and much deeper into submission to their female owner. 

Having males dress in female attire is about taking that psychological emasculation to the next level.  It is males who decided how females should be dressed as they set the expectations.  Now the worm has turned.  What got imposed on females is now imposed by female owners on their property.  Turnaround is called perfect justice.

Ah but once a female owner takes possession of her property just as she was expected to change her name – so must her possession.  Turnaround is fair play.  This is not just a label it is who you must become since you are now her property.   I am Miss Nina Paige.  To be clear my owner does not keep me dressed as a girl with a girls name.  No, instead she has psycologically turned me into a girl.  I am Miss.  I am Nina Paige.  I am psycologically all girl all the time now.  

The standard of my behavior and mantra – it is to be the most exquisite feminine lady in all respects.  One who is evolving at all times – becoming more feminine and more ladylike each and every day.  Males “came up” with the expectation that females are to be ladies. The turnaround continues some more. 

Ah but the worm must turn some more as per the picture below.


My owner does not allow the cock to be touched or stimulated without approval.  Masturbation is strictly prohibited.  

My owner has made it clear that a sexual reorientation program is in my future.  At some point when she decides to, the reorientation training will begin.  Sexual pleasure will only be allowed with a very deep penetration of me.  I will be reprogrammed to understand, want, crave and desire the deep strap on as the only form of sexual release.  This is not a question of if but a question of when.  

One final piece of turnaround fairness. Girls are expected to lick, suck and swallow every drop of what the cock emits,  The same is now required of Miss Nina Paige.  That training is well underway.  It is mandatory should I be given my owners permission or instruction to release. Ugh, ugh, ugh.  I don’t like it but I dare not miss one drop. 

The table have been completely turned. My owner has made it clear, I belong to her, the emasculation is just starting, my feminization has merely scratched the surface and my sexual reorientation training has not truly started. 

After 4 years of my owners training, I am truly helpless to resist, disobey or displease her. Even despite that I am only her “trainee”.  

The true training and intensity is yet to come.  






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  1. Mistress Samantha

    Kudos to my submissive pet for wagging a manicured finger at that term I loathe hearing used to describe a “real”/lifestyle crossdresser! The term is one that is misunderstood, stereotypes all “males” who dress in feminine clothing, used out of context and propriety, and has the capacity to be blatantly offensive to those (“serious” crossdressers) who do understand the differences between sissies and crossdressers. I could jump atop my soapbox, crack my crossdressing whip, and commence chastising those who misuse the word, in addition to giving an educational sermon on the similarities and differences between sissies and crossdressers, but I shall refrain for the time being.

    In the meantime, I would like to point out that complete emasculation is for those crossdressers who identify as submissives and desire various degrees of humiliation. While some lifestyle crossdressers simply enjoy dressing as an expression, exploration, and liberation of a feminine part of themselves and their gender psyche (and, no, that does not mean they want to be “real” women or live 24/7 as women, as CDs are NOT transsexuals!), they do not necessarily desire to be submissive or humiliated.

    On the other hand, there are many crossdressers who -in their appreciation, adoration, and even envy of Womanhood and femininity- long to be subjugated, emasculated, disciplined, “retrained,” and subservient to a woman: a dominant woman, who will take them to heights of femininity and various facets thereof, which they never dreamed -or even refused to think were- possible. These are the crossdressers like my lovely Miss Nina Paige, who is a model of macho-control-freak-male-tyrant-turned-woman-pleasing-and-obeying-lady. She is certainly a masterpiece, but there IS still much work to be done in her “female sensitivity training,” as it were.

    As she indicated, masturbation is OUT of the question in her new world. It is explicitly forbidden without my permission, guidance, and/or instruction – and it is not allowed with the purpose being an ecstatic sexual release for my little pet. No. Release is simply a means to my end as far health considerations and training exercises are concerned. Furthermore, whatever the purpose, nary a drop of fresh cum is EVER wasted – and I mean NOT a single bead! Via one “vehicle” or another, the products of release ALWAYS makes it to the mouth. That is how it is – and how it shall always be. In the foreseeable future, any release that occurs will be derived from a no-hands effort; it will be the by-product of penetration via the “implement” of my choice.

    In closing, I want to point out something VERY important, as many lifestyle crossdressers who long to explore and expand their own feminine experience feel confusion and a sense of internal contradiction when wanting to follow a path like my Miss Paige: Becoming deeply immersed in one’s own individual feminine persona does NOT mean that one wants to dress as, live as or “become” a woman on a 24/7, permanent, day-in-day-out basis; that is not at all the case. While there ARE overt external manifestations of femininity with these CDs, the genuine and more profound and powerful sense of femininity is that which transcends the outward and is always present within the individual CD, regardless of mode of dress and/or absence/presence of cognitive admission; that is psychological self-perception. That said, make no mistake: This is not a black-and-white matter, and be sure that both the male and female can -AND DO- cohabit with an individual’s person.

    Just because one lives in appearance and behavior as a “male” on a day-to-day basis does NOT mean that one is “truly” a man. You never know what is happening on the inside – and behind closed doors!!!!

  2. As Mistress Samantha, my owner, has brillantly articulated each of us are different. She is the foremost expert in America at understanding your needs. She can truly help you understand these desire you have inside and work with you were you are. She is truly unique, she understands and listens. Meeting with her is a special gift to yourself.

    back to me

    yes mistress complete emasculation is for those who are strongly submissive. i am your property and possession now mistress. yes mistress please humiliate me and totally emasculate me.

    yes mistress i long crave and beg with you to subjugate, discipline, retrain, and make me totally subservient to your will.

    thank you mistress for making me lick, suck, and swallow the results of all releases.

    yes mistress train me in the hands off approach with the implements of your choice.

    i am your submissive girl , please whip me, cane me and mercilessly punish me.

    please torment, tease and tornent me.

    please keep me in total chastiy and denial.

    please break me even further and more intensly.

    please keep me in panties and stockings every day forever.

    please make me more feminine and girly. I Love being MISS

    please tie me up tightly for hours at a time until i ache with pain.

    please mommy take me over your knee and spank me not for dressing in your clothes but for sneaking into them without asking.

    please mommy make me wear skirts, stockings and high heels at home since you caught me sneaking into your clothes

    please mommy display me in front of all your girlfriends and everybody else dressed in girls clothes

    please mommy have your girlfriends put me over their knee lift my skirt, pull down my panties and stockings in front of you and spank me bottom very very hard

    please mommy display me as a doll in front of every female relative

    i could go on and on for hours…my submissive side is on fire and under mistresses complete control. Time to slip into my silky nightgown and go to bed.

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