Did you wear Mommy’s panties, stockings, bra’s, high heels or dresses?

I would bet you did.  After all, you started to wear woman’s clothing when you were 13 or 14 years old.  There is no denying it – you started to dress like a girl when you first became aware of sexual desires.  It has always turned you on from the very beginning up until today.  You cannot resist it – that’s why you are reading this blog right now.  You cannot hide or escape your desires.  

Mommy’s clothes – do they have a special attraction for you?  Perhaps you started with your sisters clothes. Whose clothes did you start with?  Mommy’s or your sisters?  

  • Did you want Mommy to catch you and make you stay dressed as she caught you?  
  • Did you want Mommy to lift your skirt and spank you?
  • Did you want Mommy to display you dressed as a girl in front of others?

I will bet at least one of the above.  For me it is all three.

Time for you to publicly confess how. when, and whose clothes you started with by answering with a comment.   


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  1. I started wearing mommy’s pantyhose, stockings, and panties when i was 12 or 13. Now I’m 37 and still feel the urge to do it, frequently.

  2. I started wearing mummy’s slips, panties and stockings when i was 12. Now I’m 45 and still love wearing them

  3. does or did mommy know ?

  4. She never said anything at the time, but I think mommys always know

  5. same with my mother – she absolutely knew and said nothing

  6. I started with my mothers bra

  7. and did you wear her panties, dress, stockings, and high heels eventually?

  8. I started wearing my older sisters panties bras n stockings when 14. I fantasised about being caught spanked and displayed. I am now 41 and still love the feeling dressing as a woman.

  9. oh. I agree erika. I wore my mothers and sisters clothes. I wanted to be caught and displayed also

  10. I’m certain my mommy knew what I was doing but she never said anything and still hasn’t. I wore my older sisters clothes mainly because at 18 hers were more
    slutty !

  11. i loved wearing my sisters mini skirts and short dresses also. Yes my mother and sister both knew but said nothing either. One day my sister came home unexpectably early from work. i had gone out to play basketball. She straightened up the house for my mother. In the living room was her short dress and pspantyhose I had worn earlier in the day right in middle of clean room. She left them right where i had left them saying nothing but message was clear. “caught you – you get to put them away“

    So your mother knew. Did you sister know also?

    i think Mom’s and sisters always know.

    For sure, my mom knew. I will share how i am so sure why i have more time

  12. I’m sure my sister knew while I was trying to be discreet as I knew that wearing my sisters panties bras miniskirts etc was wrong I also couldn’t resist as a result there a couple of occasions when I was close to being caught. in retrospect i was probably quite obvious iabout it I started opportunistic but quickly moved to deciding which outfit shoes etc I would wear and rooting through my sisters wardrobe to get what I thought made me look the most feminine.

  13. ah yes erika, that passion, desire to put on a dress again. so powerful and inescapable for all of us. it is not and never will be a question of whether we will be wearing dresses again, it is only a question of when. your desires transcended the mistaken sense of wrong and they always will

    i often thought of being on display for mommy before she passed away. do you still fantasize about that with your mommy ?

    ultimately, i had to interact with a biological female while wearing a dress, stockinggs, bra, panties and bra. my desire for this also too powetful to resist

  14. Yes Nina I absolutely do fantasise about being on display for my mommy and being disciplined for it too. Realistically I think at this point there is much chance of this actually happening but that doesn’t really change my desire for it. Your absolutely right It there will never be a question of if I will dress only when. When I was younger I tried to resist many times even purging my wardrobe of feminine clothes on a couple of occasions just to go out and shop fore replacements when desire and need overcame my mistaken view that dressing like we do is wrong. I am much more comfortable with myself now. I do desire to explore this side of myself deeper and indeed have introduced myself to mistress Samantha via yahoo messenger.

  15. It started with her panties, it progressed to her bra, panties, breast forms where aquired, then her dresses, skirts and blouses.

  16. perfect karen

    do you think mommy knew?

  17. I was forced to dress as a girl by my mother when I was about 9 or 10, I am now 53 and I still feel the need to be that cute little girl my mother dressed me up as so many years ago! I love dressing as a woman and only wish I was born 100% girl, I belive life would have been so much better…….oh well…..

  18. Randi, isn’t it amazing how those early experiences have had such a profound effect on you and remained with you throughout your life? I hope you allow that girl within you to be free to express herself as much as you can! Much love to you, my dear… ~~~Ms. Samantha

  19. I stayed with my mother’s thongs, and I wanted to be caught so I waited in a pink g-string for my parents to get home but I passed out and when I awoke my brother was standing over me taking pictures. He told me if I don’t dress up in lingerie and makeup for him and his friends and be their servant then my pictures would end up in the school paper. Since then they have taken more pics and videos. I been serving my brothers friends since. And I have grown to like it all the more

  20. I started wearing Mum’s stockings and high heels when I was 10 years old. Whenever she went out shopping, I would go into her bedroom, seek out a pair of seamed stockings and suspenders from her dressing table and dress up. I would out on a pair of her high heels and teeter over to her bed. Many the time I had little accidents. She always knew. When I was 16, she caught me dressed up in her stockings, undies and sandals. She wanked me off and later that night, dressed me up and took me to her bed. We became lovers for the next twenty years until she died. I still dress up regularly and recall wonderful moments with her.

  21. yes i started getting into my mothers panties when i was 12

  22. I was five. My father was on nights.And I used to go into my mother’s room. I started to wear her panty hose and panties.It felt good.

  23. I love wearing panties. When I was fourteen in Torquay. I did a raffles across the rooftops to the grace kelly lookalike next door to go through her suitcase.pink panties. When you just don’t know.cx

  24. always had the desire to be caught by mum, used to steal her tampax, loved the whole applicator bit, pretending to be a real girl, to be feminized by mum would have been bliss

  25. I started with my sisters navy blue knickers when I was 10 and progressed to her nightdress and skirts a little later. When she started wearing short skirts and dresses with nylon panties I began pretending to be a girl. I could not help having many accidents but was careful not to stain her panties. Occaisonally I would try mums worn panties and stockings and found the smell intoxicating.

    I still love wearing stockings with full make up being as fem as possible,with my lingerie and some of my wifes clothes that fit..

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