The assumption that I’m a Sissy

Oh how I hate that term and that assumption.  Let me be clear, I do not criticize again who has a desire to be a “sissy”.  I do dislike the assumption I must be a “sissy” or want to suck a male cock.  To both I say UGH, UGH, UGH, and more UGH.  

Yes, I been dressing from head to toe in girl’s clothes since I was 12 or 13 years old.  It is a huge sexual turn-on.  HUGE, HUGE, HUGE.  Just hold up a pair of panties, bra’s or high heels in front of me and it’s a tormenting sexual tease.  Yes, I want to wear them with stockings, dresses, wigs, and high heels.  I want to wear them in front of other woman.   I want to be dominated, disciplined, and under the control of woman who know.  Yes – ladies if you know I’m wear panties and stockings – you have me already under your domination and control.  I love to be given orders. I’d love to be humiliated, embarrassed, disciplined and punished by you.  I want to be your slave girl, your very personal maid, your little lesbian play-toy. Let’s take my biological sexual item and cage it nice and small so we can play as we should. 

Behaving as a Sissy?  Definitely not my style.  A male cock?  Ugh – not of any interest to me at all.  My style has always been all girl-all the time.  I know of no female dressed in sexy clothes who behaves as a “sissy”, I have no interest either.  

I write this because I feel other who share my interests feel pressured or obligated to be a Sissy. If they don’t they hear this crap that they are repressing it.  Same thing with associating their sexual desires with wanting to be with other males.  That is all somebody’s propaganda and nonsense.  Your desires are your desires and you don’t need to feel pressured to be somebody you are not.

I’m “all girl-all the time” and LOL….much more submissive to females than their wildest imagination.  I am who I am.  You should be who you are.  Guess who understands this very well?  Well – Mistress Samantha of course


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  1. Mistress Samantha

    My dear submissive pet, I applaud your passion and drive to “correct” thinking on crossdressers NOT being sissies, and I adamantly agree with you: Any recreational or lifestyle CD who refers to him/herself as a “sissy” has either fallen prey to social ignorance and propaganda OR is confused on the subject of CDs versus sissies.

    Sissies are femininity greatly amplified, ultimately adored, and flamboyantly expressed. Sissification is a skewed and exaggerated sense of and attitude toward a typically stereotypical or historical notion or interpretation of feminine appearance and behavior. It focuses most prominently on the manner of dress (as defined by the particular sissy role desired, like sissy baby, slave, maid, slut, etc.) and expression of -most often idealized, envied, and somewhat antiquated- female attitudes and behavior (such as submission, calmness, good humor, desire to please, subservience to men [or a “real” woman], the gamut of sexual behaviors, affection, etc.), all with a common goal of pleasing or amusing a “real” woman (and sometimes a man/men). A sissy is NOT nor does it involve a genuine transgender identity manifestation, and it focuses on fantasy -as opposed to realistic- femininity.

    On the other hand, CDs can be one of two general types: recreational -who focus on the sensory, submissive, taboo, and/or stress-relieving aspect(s) of dressing; OR lifestyle – who often began dressing at a very young age; focus on realistic, comprehensive, and ritualistic feminine behaviors (as opposed to just dressing); and feel that dressing and other expressions of femininity are a part of who they are. CDs typically do NOT like the term “sissy,” as they feel it misrepresents them and furthers stereotypes, and they MAY some degree of TG identity.

    Those are the biggest differences in a nutshell between sissies and CDs. The differences should be made clear, especially when one is using said terms to describe themselves.

    Being honest with yourself, first and foremost is the most crucial aspect – and your first step – to understanding who you really are.

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