The ever powerful cycle of domination and submission

She has you powerfully in her grip and control.  She knows it and you know it.  She has you feminized, she will keep you feminized, and there is nothing you can do to stop her.  Yes – she has you helplessly feminized – far more powerful and comprehensive than the concept of forced feminized.

Whenever she decides, wherever she decides, and in front of whomever she decides I MUST wear panties, bra’s, stockings, high heels, dresses, makeup, and a wig.  There is no question of her power and ability to have me do this.  She knows my desires all to well, she knows how to make them so irresistible, so intense, so powerful that I must surrender to them.  She knows how to make those desires burn so hot that I must surrender to them.

 So can Mistress Samantha force me to dress however, whenever, wherever, and in front of anybody she decides I will ?  This is no doubt of that,  YES – ABSOLUTELY.  That is if she wants to let me off easily and doesn’t feel in the mood to exert her true power.  When she wants to exert that, she will make the suggestion and toy with me until I’m begging and pleading with her for the privilege, thanking her for letting me do it, wanting to do it again and again.  Mistress will have me crave it more and more.  

Yes she has me and I know it.  I cannot resist she owns and controls my desires now.  





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  1. Sound like you are having fun. I wish it was me

  2. It seems to me that Mistress Samanatha has your best interest in mind. How perfectly lovely. As a submissive you must want to do anything and everything to please her do you? Does being feminized please her and you? What do you do to please Mistress Samantha?

  3. Mistress Samantha is an expert in feminization and crossdressing. She is highly educated, very experienced and an expert on feminizing males. But she only works with males who are serious client or ones who she reads are ready for her full complete through treatment.

    I am quite strongly under Mistresses control and domination. Not by force or hypnosis. No far far more powerful. She knows exactly how to make my desires so intense that I cannot resist them or control them. A good example, when I met her 5 years old she told me she wanted me to shave. I told her, I could not shave my legs because I go to the beach. She chuckled and told me, it was not my legs she wanted shaved. I told her Never. Within two months, all hair was removed because that what mistress told me to do. Did she bring it up after the first time? No, but that did not matter, I had to shave off every single hair. It has been kept shaved ever since.

    Mistress and I interact in the virtual world, webcam, text, video and instant messaging. I am trained by mistress to obey her, MY wife, and all females. Yes my wife is aware of all and my dresses hang in closet next to hers. If my wife senses I am losing focused, she will tell me it is time to meet with samantha. Yes – dressed from head to toe in my room.

  4. Thank you for responding to my comment Miss. Paige. You are soo very very sweet! ((((((((((((((((((((hug)))))))))))))))))))

  5. still happy??????????????

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