Mistress’ Feminine Submissive Is a Crossdressing Role Model

Nina Paige: Taking Feminization to New Heights

Nina-05Oh, my darling Nina Paige… She and I have gone such a long way together since we met, and she has progressed by leaps and bounds in the degree of openness, acceptance, embracing, exploration, and evolution that her femininity has experienced. This is one feminization Mistress who couldn’t possibly be any more pleased, proud or satisfied with the progress my fully feminized slave girl has made over these past several years.

She has latched on to her feminine self and soul with an immense and unmatched ferocity, passion, and desire like that of which I have rarely seen in my years of working with lifestyle crossdressers and feminization enthusiasts, and she reinforces my own dedication to assessing, mentoring, educating, leading, and supporting those individuals in need of a hand to hold and an ear to bend along their journey to fully and completely experience themselves in the glory of their fullest femininity.

Together, Miss Paige and I have accomplished what she once deemed to be the impossible – and, after 3-1/2 years, we are still only getting started…

Feminization, Submission, and Crossdressing… Seriously…

Whether you are new to reading about my wonderfully obedient feminine submissive or you’ve already discovered some of the secrets of Nina Paige, Princess Barbie, Little Stephen, and/or my baby girl, the meaning, depth, intensity, and commitment of both my feminine submissive and I should be readily apparent. If you have not yet discovered this fact for yourself, let me vehemently put THE primary fact out there:

Our feminization work, projects, plans, goals, and experiences are NO GAME. Both Nina Paige and I take this endeavor into the world of femininity in all of it glory and along all of its avenues with the greatest of seriousness and dedication. It is serious. It is constant. It is ongoing. It is real. PERIOD.

Wardrobe, Hair, Make-Up – and So Much More

“Is being feminine (and submissive) all about panties, bras, stockings (or pantyhose), pretty dresses, petticoats, heels, hair, nails, make-up, and all things pink?”

Well, while each of those components certainly has their place in the world and experience of feminization, crossdressing, and domination by one’s Mistress, they are only individual pieces of the huge physical and psychological pie that is a journey into the heart and soul of femininity. In addition to those things, let’s not forget about the way in which you walk and talk, your background and history, your mannerisms and demeanor, your individual mindset and attitude, and your subjective physical, emotional, mental, and sexual experience throughout the process. Your experience of feminization is as unique, special, and remarkable as are you as an individual.

That said, this Mistress does NOT believe in a one-size-fits-all experience of feminization, crossdressing or submission. This is a very subjective, intimate, and individually tailored trek into who you are on a profound level, and anything and everything generic, random, arbitrary or common has no place in (y)our world; therefore, they will be forbidden and left by the wayside.

Even if your feminization desires are centered around adjuncts, such as humiliation or submission, feminization is STILL YOUR experience, and it should contain those elements, dynamics, and components that make the most of your expressions, explorations, and the entire en femme endeavor.

Feminization Made-to-Order

What are the pieces of your individual feminization puzzle? In a perfect world, how do you see your feminine experience unfolding? What dynamics need to be in place for you to have a full and complete experience that is true to your ideas on, feelings about, and goals of feminization?


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