Female domination, discipline & control for all to see – A new chapter begins

Mistress has decided and instructed me to tell all of you about my last few meetings with her. Documented for all to read and see.

Am I’m embarrassed and ashamed to?  Very.  In fact mortified is a better word. 

If you are a new reader of this blog, let me make something clear to you.  I’m completely enslaved to Mistress Samantha.  I’m her personal property and possession.  I’m under her complete female domination, control, and discipline at all times.  I cannot say No to Mistress.  Everything she tells me, suggests or decides must be done without question, resistance or hesitation  All of this is done in a very 21st century way – via phone, via webcam, via instant messenger, via text messages and via email.  

  • Over 3 1/2 years ago, Mistress told me to shave the cock/balls – I was required to be totally hairless.  I told her NEVER.  The cock/balls have been totally hairless for 3+ years.  They will be kept hairless forever.  I must have her cock/balls thoroughly shaved at all times. 
  •  Over 3 years ago, Mistress decided that I would be wearing panties & stockings every day (24 hours a day, 7 days a week) for several months.  I have never removed them.  I will never be allowed to remove them.  I have been in silk lace panties and sheer stockings/pantyhose every day since.  

I’m her slave girl.  Yes she has turned me into a girl – total complete psychological control over me. Yes – all girl all the time now.  Unlike some (or much) that you read or see on the internet – that doesn’t mean attractions to male sexual organs.  Quite the opposite, my attraction to the female organs is EVEN stronger as a girl.  “Pussy” obsessed ?  Absolutely.  All girl – all the time.   Think the  “L” word because I am decidedly so.  

Now – some of our last meetings. A combination of different forms of discipline, control, and domination.  You see, Mistress has decided that I’m to be turned in her adult baby also.  Her baby girl and little boy being punished by Mommy.  Mommy’s little boy doesn’t get to wear a wig (at least not for long).  He is to dressed head-toe except the hair.  Punishment is more effective when you cannot mistake her little boy is dressed from head to toe as a girl.   Yes I’m mommy’s baby and little boy whenever she decides I will be.  Not only did she turn me into her baby, my pictures, video clips, and blog was shared with other adult females.  

Three weeks ago, Mommy wanted me to buy baby food ( strained peas, & bananas ), baby pacifiers  and a baby bottle.  I was dressed from head to toe in my pink Baby Bows dress from http://www.themaidstore.com.  


Yes dressed from head to toe in my pink baby bows dress sucking my pretty pink pacifier. You see Mommy’s control over me is even more powerful than Mistresses.  Mommy has complete total unconditional control.  Everything must be told to Mommy. Mommy’s control is all powerful — impossible to resist for even 1 split second.  Yes – I’m now her adult baby girl or disciplined little boy.  Mommy has me totally, powerfully, completely, helplessly in her grip.  When the time came to feed me my baby food, Mommy had me spoon the baby food into a bowl.   Then to my utter shock, I was told to lift my dress, drop my panties, and my stockings.  I was completely mortified when Mommy told me I had to cum into the bowl of peas.  I ejaculated a full amount in my bowl of baby food, mixed it and then proceeded to be spoon fed every drop of my cum soaked baby jar of peas from the bowl.  What I later learned was that Mommy had filmed the entire episode.   Yes – it is all on video – mommy’s feeding her baby.

On next meeting was a little different.  Fully attired as her pretty, sexy girl in a tight black mini-dress from Fredericks of Hollywood with my long flowing blonde wig.   Ah but I wasn’t going to escape more cum punishment.  This time I had to cum in the bowl and apply it to my face and lips. Letting it dry on.  I felt sick to my stomach as it dried on my face.

Our last meeting was the worse of all.  Dressed in a white satin bow blouse, a black pencil mini-skirt, super high 6 1/2″ black high heels ( non platform), black stockings, and my hair styled in a bun which had been done at Hair Craft salon by M.  ( for new readers – yes with me in the chair wearing it).  Mistress required me to cum into my hands, and lick every drop of cum from my hands but while I was doing this her cock was required to be fully submerged in a bowl of freezing ICE and ICE water.  I screamed and begged for Mistress to let me take her cock out of the freezing bowl but she would not.  Oh – I shutter at just thinking about it again.  Sick to my stomach licking the cum off the fingers while her cock was totally frozen.  Ultimately, I was broken to tears before Mistress allowed me to remove her cock from its frozen prison.

We have entered a new stage, one where I’m being taught to totally hate the way I used to cum. Pavlov’s dog.  Yes – when I used to cum, my feminine desires were then tormented, suppressed, controlled and locked into a cage.  These desires used to serve my cock.  Now I stay dressed as the girl I am afterwards.  Cumming the old way is to be severe punishment. Something not to be desired, but to be truly feared, disliked, and despised.  

The only acceptable, pleasurable way to cum will be with a PINK vibrator or a dildo thrust in.out of  my ass until I cum.  I am a slave girl and I will cum as one whenever mistress or mommy decides that I’m to be rewarded.  The old way will be used to punish, degrade, discipline and make the practice totally hated.

Trust me, I hate and despise the old way already.   





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  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Mistress -and Mommy- has a lovely feminization brigade all rolled into one person. We have (1) Nina Paige, my darling girl, who was bullied, suppressed, and used as nothing but a means to a sexual end by an arrogant, tyrannical mach man. That so-called “man” has now been bent, broke, and turned into (2) Princess Barbie, who is learning to accept and embrace her “true” self, which she hid and refused for decades.

    Now, we have (3) Little Stephen, Mommy’s little boy, who adores Mommy’s pretty, feminine, silky things and cannot resist them. He sneaks into Mommy’s things and dresses as Mommy’s little mini-me, and he even lays out Mommy’s lovely intimate items on the bed and helps her get dressed. When little Stephen is a good boy, he gets to dress WITH Mommy – and is then presented to Mommy’s friends (both figurative and now literally in technologically-savvy ways). Of course, they all know he’s NOT a “real” girl, and Mommy makes him prove that when he is forced to remove his wig and show his “boy” hair. Last but certainly not least, there is Mommy’s Baby Girl, who dresses in frills, bows, and ruffles, sucks on her pink pacifier, eats baby food, drink from her bottle, and is Mommy’s beautiful little helpless doll.

    It’s quite a collection, and there is a unique dynamic between each one and Mommy/Mistress – and each one is special to me in very different ways.

    You have seen details of our last three sessions, so I will elaborate only as necessary. With regard to the first of these three prior meetings, I could tell my little doll was so embarrassed and humiliated with the prospect of eating baby food – especially since she hates green peas. I had to laugh because she had no idea what Mommy really had in mind, I wish you could have seen the look on her face when I told her to lower her panties and make a “deposit” into the bowl of peas. Of course, for as remarkable as the look on her face was then, things got even better when she realized that Mommy was going to make her eat every drop of the cum-seasoned peas. She cringed. She frowned. She looked both disgusted and humiliated beyond description – but she did exactly what Mommy requested without question. While she looked a few times like she might be sick, she completed her task. Only after this was all over and our session done that I told my little doll that I had recorded every single minute of our session. The look that evoked was priceless!!

    Our meeting-before-last, the lovely Princess Barbie was attired in a hot little black number, looking like a sexy little nymph, and it was obvious how naughty Miss Thing was feeling. Of course, I do think naughty was the last thing she was feeling when I ordered her to apply her cum facial and let it remain on her face until I gave the word for removal. You see, my dear Barbie doesn’t particularly care for cum – but Mistress does not care, and I am going to change that! Scowling or not… Feeling sick or not… Like it or not… Barbie is simply going to have to get used to playing in and consuming her cum – and that IS how things are going to be. Having an orgasm the “old-fashioned” way is now merely a functional means to my end and is NOT for the enjoyment or pleasure of Barbie; it is for MY amusement and purposes alone.

    Then, last but certainly not least, there was our last session, when Barbie was dressed in her finest professional -and sexy!- secretary attire, complete with cum-fuck-me pumps and hair piled loosely and sexily atop her head. She was dressed perfectly for Mistress bending her over a desk and taking her right then and there! After the previous two sessions, I thought Barbie might be thinking I could not top the discipline and humiliation I had already administered, so I thought I would teach her a good lesson about NEVER underestimating your Mistress. I put Barbie on her knees -in full view of the camera- made her lower her panties, ordered her to cum in her hand, and instructed her to clean that hand thoroughly. While cleaning her hand, Miss Priss was made to submerge MY cock and balls into a nice freezing ice bath, which left her begging, pleading, and groveling to be released. No. No. No. Not so fast! Then she started crying… What a hot mess! Eventually I did allow her out, but only after she made a verbal display of apologies and regret to Nina for the way she was treated all those years. It was quite a sight!

    I wonder what our next session will bring? Who knows? Regardless, I’ll just bet Barbie and company will be a bit worried – and know that there is no way to predict just what Mistress or Mommy will demand or require… 😉

    Until then…

    ~~~Mistress AND Mommy Samantha, Feminization, Crossdressing, & Transgender Specialist
    Be sure you also check out new.fetishvixen.com, which will soon replace my original fetishvixen site.

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