It has been over 3 1/4 years since…

My first meeting with Mistress Samantha.  She had reviewed my background, interest, and experience.  She made her plans and intentions for me quite clear.  Mistress Samantha had decided she was going to be turn me into a girl.  Well perhaps unlike, some submissives who dress in female attire, I never found any erotic desires or interest in that idea.  It was something of little interest.  I was polite but mentally very confidently and quite arrogantly dismissed it.  I privately laughed and snickered at it.  Yes it was cocky disdain and total self-confidence that she could not.   

The amazing thing is it didn’t take Mistress Samantha long before she had me telling her “ I want to be a girl“.  To be followed by “I am a girl” evolving to my asking her to  “keep me as a girl forever“.  Then came the real in-depth training from Mistress Samantha and my begging/pleading her “I want to be a feminine girl” Then it went even further “please mistress turn me into a feminine girlie girl”  Oh but even that wasn’t enough anymore “please mistress I cannot resist, I beg/plead with you turn me into an very ultra feminine girlie girl“.

I think it is pretty clear, that Mistress Samantha gave me the full complete treatment.  

Now am I referring to the fact that

  • I’ve been wearing panties/stockings every single day for last 3 years
  • That I now shop for my own lingerie and the shop owners know it is for me to wear
  • That I’ve been fitted in formal gowns in prom stores/bridal boutiques
  • I have my girls hair style done in a salon while I’m wearing my wig
  • That I personally shop for my own makeup
  • That I’ve had makeup lessons in stores.

Absolutely but that the mere tip – the external manifestations of my being turned into an ultra feminine girlie girl.  Oh Mistress Samantha was far more through than that.  What about the psychological  emotional, and intellectual. Totally completely feminized also.  I know that I’m am really truly a girl inside – yes all girl, ultra girlie girl on the inside.   Did Mistress stop there?  Hardly.  I have a very profound inner personality and persona that is all girl also.  It even shows in my body language, that I have to now work at times to keep in check – it is very feminine.   I fully embrace myself as a very cute, adorable feminine girlie girl.    Is Mistress done with me now?  Oh, I seriously doubt it and assure you she may just be starting her turning me into a girl.

Indeed in this process – Mistress has discovered something else that she is going to turn me into. This is beyond mortifying, humiliating and embarrassing.  What is it?   I’m not saying for now.  But this one, I have a profound weakness for which is now quite apparently to Mistress Samantha.  The question will become does it make this blog or does it make a new blog.  Time will tell….

Keep reading it is just the mere beginning of where I will be taken and go.  


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