How you wear your panties is quite revealing in more ways than one

Should you be caged and not allowed to become erect when you are wearing your pretty bra, panties, and stockings.  The picture below is a good example 


Or should you be put on display with no restraints.   The graphic below is a good example


Of course, both need to be done to a submissive. I have had both done to me by Mistress Samantha.  

The first method has the advantage of not allowing any erection at all.  Physically, constrained and caged.  Relief is impossible in the silky encased cage.  If the cock tries to get erect and it will – the result will be physical pain.  Caged and feminized. 

The 2nd method – well you’re going to have a full erect cock in front of her.  Fully completely turned on and no place or way to hide it.  Relief isn’t going to happen here either because she is not going to let it.  You’ll stand in front of her totally turned on embarassed and ashamed which only makes it get harder – a self fulling prophecy.

The first style implies and re-enforces pain.  The 2nd style is about shame – totally turned on in your panties and stockings for her entertainment.   

As I said, both methods are needed but I have a very definite preference for the 2nd style.  Totally turned on in front of her and helpless to relieve the erection because she will not let me.  

Yes your preference for how you prefer to wear your panties is very revealing



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