Is Barbie losing focus and slipping?

On Friday I went to Hair Craft in Northern NJ to have my hair done by M.  My long girly blonde hair in curls.  I had not been in to see M. to have my hair styled as Barbie in over 3 months.  If this is the first time, your reading my blog, my hair must be styled while it is being worn – one of Mistress Samantha’s rules.  I told M. what a crazy insane year it was and how time constrained I was.  She asked about Mistress Samantha.  I told her time with her was limited also.   She was very surprised at that.  I told her Mistress Samantha was concerned I would lose focus and backslide.  However, I had not.   

“Oh really” she exclaimed.  I think Mistress Samantha is correct

  • You haven’t had your hair styled sitting in the chair in over 3 months.  
  • Your prettiest wig has been in the shop for at least 3-4 weeks. You obviously weren’t wearing it.  
  • She could see my stockings since socks get removed before i go into the salon, but I wasn’t wearing my ankle bracelets as I normally do.  
  • No Barbie necklace was around my neck.

 The more she talked the more she decided that the next time I should make amends.  I told her I would make sure I did another appointment soon and I definitely have on my ankle bracelets and necklace.  

“That’s better but that’s the expectations.  Making amends is making up for something you should have done.  Not just going back to the expectations” she informed me.   M. decided that to teach me a lesson for not being focused –  my next hair styling appointment she told me to bring a skirt to change into for her and N. ( who was busy Friday).   They expected a show.   Just wearing the skirt would be quite a show in itself because all my skirts are micro mini-skirts.

Will I really be dressed in a skirt my next styling appointment?  Only Mistress Samantha knows for sure because if she decides I will be wearing one – well there is nothing I can do to stop it from happening.  

In case you are a first time reader, I just want to assure you this blog is real – not fiction.  I am real.  Mistress Samantha is real and this salon is real.

You can read fiction & dream or you can live it.  

However, once you start well – you may never be allowed to stop.

It is called female domination for a reason.  



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