Required corrections by Mistress Be Careful what you ask for

This blog entry and the one below it are to be posted together.  This one is corrected with Mistress Samantha instructions.  The changes are in black.  My public humiliation is not complete enough but it will be.  

Read the blog entry below after you click on the graphics to read them. They set the stage for understanding that you need to be careful what you ask for – it may cum about.



526496_456432654432866_487234644_nLOL – The female above is wrong, Mistress Samantha never, ever loses.  Read the blog entry to understand what she did to me. 



Part 0f Mistress Samantha’s training of me, is that she doesn’t allow me to touch myself or cum.   It is kept highly, highly restrictive until you desperate for it just like the “males” above.  Willing to do anything to come?  Yes, Mistress please I beg you – ANYTHING.

Mistress has kept me highly motivated not to beg or ask to cum.  In 3 years, she has only had me cum once – very early on. For at 2 1/2 years, I have not cum at all nor have I asked to.  Why? Well Mistress has kept me very highly motivated to stay in total chastity as part of her domination and control of me.  Yes – the last image is correct.  When “males” don’t cum – their submissive desires multiply and multiply. The longer I stayed in chastity the more submissive I became.   So how did Mistress keep me so motivated.   The choices were chastity or having to slowly lick, suck, swallow and eat every single drop of my cum if I asked to release.  Of course, Mistress made it very clear – it was only a matter of time before Mistress would decide that she wanted me milked and drained of every drop of cum anyway and I’d eat out drop of cum when she decided to milk me.     

So I knew the rules when I begged to be allowed to cum.  Worse – Mistress reminded me of what would happen if it did.  I could not stop myself – I groveled, begged, and pleaded knowing I had to slowly lick, suck, hold it in my mouth for as long as I was told before I’d swallow every drop if it.  Yes – the full load of my cum was too be eaten and I begged for it. What little bit of male pride, dignity, ego was left – I begged and pleased for Mistress to take it.  Oh did I like eating it?  Read the first article and the comment from Mistress.  “You should have seen the look on his… or rather Barbie’s… face. The wrinkled nose… The scowl… Those squinting eyes… The look of utter disgust… While little Miss Barbie might not have enjoyed her little creamy cum treat, but I found the sight to be a most delicious treat!”  Yes – my mouth is now Mistress Samantha’s cum bucket.   And when I was done it was time to change into a clean pair of pretty ruffled panties, a lacy bra, sheer pantyhose, baby doll pajamas  high heels, freshen the lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, comb my long blonde hair and on went the high heels.  Yes – Mistress required me to sleep dressed this way all night – right afterwards.  It used to be after cumming, I’d change and wouldn’t dress for months.  That was before Mistress Samantha.  I’ve been dressed in woman’s clothing every single day for almost 3 years and Mistress Samantha has made it clear.  She is keeping me dressed this way – every day from now on.  I will never be allowed out of them – forever. 

Now I am going to be sternly punished again shortly.  Mistress Samantha wanted me to cum in my pretty panties and lick/suck the cum out of them.  I slipped on a condom so as not to mess up my pretty white panties.  Excellent for making sure I swallowed and ate every drop of cum while not staining the panties but Mistress was disobeyed and that means a stern punishment soon. 

How humiliating….This is so embarrassing and humiliating.  I’m ashamed and frankly highly mortified.  Will the girls who do my hair read this?  Oh – I cannot bear the thought.  Plus every blog reader now knows  and it will stay posted forever. 

The final degradation in this blog  – which will also stay posted forever.  This is an implicit expectation that girls will kneel before him, give him a blow job and lick, suck, and swallow his entire load. I’m the one on my knees -ON HER KNEES. Wearing panties, bra, stockings, high heels, makeup, and wig.  I’m the girl kneeling in front of mistress on webcam, begging/pleading groveling with her both on the cam and in front of the world on this blog.  Please mistress – I beg you to let me cum so I can lick, suck, swallow and eat every drop of it.  Again & Again – your personal cum bucket.  I beg you to fully complete train me to do this perfectly over and over again.  



 Why?  Maybe a nice through, slow feeding before he has to lock himself up again will discourage him from asking again.

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