Be Careful what you ask for – You may get it

Read the blog entry below after you click on the graphics to read them. They set the stage for understanding that you need to be careful what you ask for.



526496_456432654432866_487234644_nLOL – The female above is wrong, Mistress Samantha never, ever loses.  Read the blog entry to understand what she did to me. 



Part 0f Mistress Samantha’s training of me, is that she doesn’t allow me to touch myself or cum.   It is kept highly, highly restrictive until you desperate for it just like the “males” above.  Willing to do anything to come?  Yes, Mistress please I beg you – ANYTHING.  

Well – Mistress has made it clear far ahead of time, what the price would be, when she decided that I would be allowed to cum.  I knew the rules but I could not resist so I begged her for it knowing what she’d do.  

Be careful what you ask for especially when you know the rules.  Well she allowed it finally and the price?  Into the condom it went and then I fed it to myself.   Slowly, very slowly including turning it inside out to make sure every drop was licked, sucked  and swallowed.  And when I was done it was time to change into a clean pair of pretty ruffled panties, a lacy bra, sheer pantyhose, baby doll pajamas  high heels, freshen the lipstick, eye shadow, mascara, comb my long blonde hair and on went the high heels.  Yes – Mistress required me to sleep dressed this way all night – right afterwards.  It used to be after cumming, I’d change and wouldn’t dress for months.  That was before Mistress Samantha.  I’ve been dressed in woman’s clothing every single day for almost 3 years and Mistress Samantha has made it clear.  She is keeping me dressed this way – every day from now on.  I will never be allowed out of them – forever. 

How humiliating….Then it all gets published on this blog so everybody knows.   

Will it stop me from begging her again?  I absolutely didn’t like having  to lick, suck and eat it.

 But you know after a short time, I’ll want it again and yes she will have me begging her again.   It is called a submissive vise and Mistress Samantha is an expert and tightening it constantly.   



 Why?  Maybe a nice through, slow feeding before he has to lock himself up again will discourage him from asking again.


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  1. Mistress Samantha

    Just look at the wording: “Into the condom it went and then I fed it to myself. Slowly, very slowly including turning it inside out to make sure every drop was licked, sucked and swallowed.” “It”…. He cannot even say what “it” is.

    Now, why is that???

    That is because that tiniest little shred of “him” that is left is too embarrassed, ashamed, and humiliated to admit that “he” had to be a groveling cum drinker because he was finally granted permission to cum. It was not an option or up for debate. It was a requirement, and it WOULD be done.

    You should have seen the look on his… or rather Barbie’s… face. The wrinkled nose… The scowl… Those squinting eyes… The look of utter disgust… While little Miss Barbie might not have enjoyed her little creamy cum treat, but I found the sight to be a most delicious treat!

    Now, Barbie, you are going to edit and repost this entry (so there should be back-to-back copies), and in the revised post, you will NOT glaze over and be ambiguous about precisely what you did. You will call “it” what it is: cum – and you had to put it in your mouth, past those lovely lipstick-colored lips… and swallow “it.”

    You will also mention how you did NOT fully obey Mistress’ orders, as Mistress did not tell you to cum in a condom and drink it like a shot. You are going to tell everyone where you were supposed to cum and how you were supposed to clean up the mess you made.

    …And, my Barbie girl, you WILL be severely punished for your disobedience… *wicked, wicked laugh*

  2. I am so ashamed, humiliated, and embarrassed that I actually begged for this knowing I would be eating every drop of my cum.

    Then this public posting for all to see.

    Finally, I am highly highly mortified that the woman who do my hair, who also know of this blog, may read this posting making that humiliation, embarrassment and shame much, much worse. Oh my god they will all see I begged for this.

    I shall re-post with the corrections this evening

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