Escape is an impossibility ….

The business world is filled with stress, anxiety, and tension.  You can escape it, nor can I escape the fate that awaits me now and forever.  

At home that means slipping into a lacy bra, silicone breast forms, pink lipstick, wig, tight waist cincher, and 5 1/4″ platform pumps, to complement my pretty panties and sheer stockings.  All the while watching myself in a full length mirror.  It relaxes me and makes me calm.  Completely & totally turned on with no hope of pleasure.  Mistress keeps me in constant and total denial of any sexual relief.  I cannot escape the business world that drives the constant stress, anxiety and tension.  Nor can I escape the lacy bra and all the other attire that await me.  Deeper and deeper I go and it continues to feed upon itself. The grip of femininity, submission and slavery to females continues to tighten and  take total control of me.

Yes I will never escape nor  do I even want to try.

I’ve been completely feminized and I am totally submissive to females.   


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  1. Oh, my girls… My precious Nina Paige, who has always been a model of femininity, and my freshly broken Barbie doll, who used nasty male attitude and ego to stifle and hide from the femininity that lived within her for so many years… My girls now coexist in a constant state of feminine bliss and submission, complete sexual denial, rigid discipline, and complete subservience to all females – especially her wife and then her Mistress.

    Yes. Mistress knows just how much stress and tension builds from the pressures and mayhem of the business world – and, with Barbie being such a control freak, extreme competitor, and perfectionist, the degree of stress she experiences is only amplified. But…

    Ironically, the more tightly wound my Barbie doll becomes, the more Nina Paige steps in to exert her feminine powers of calmness and evenness over the situation (and Barbie!) – and the more those feminine longings and desires build, growing from a “feeling”… an essence… an entity… lurking in the shadows to a massive and intense presence… a undeniably powerful force… that consumes Barbie head-to-toe… inside and out… invading and possessing every single cell of her body, igniting an explosion of obsession and fiery lust for every representation and manifestation of femininity and complete submission.

    Got stress, Barbie darling? Don’t you worry, my dear. Nina will monitor you until Mistress can administer that which you need so very much: an extreme, intense, and unforgettable session of discipline, humiliation, punishment, and continued denial. Just when you think you can venture no deeper into a world of feminine submission, think again. Mistress is like a powerful pit of feminine quicksand wherein lies your inevitable fate of not only sinking, but being pulled deeper and deeper into your own femininity… surrendering every shred of control that you think you ever had… becoming a model of complete submission and subservience…

    It is who you are, Barbie. It is who you have always been…

  2. What is a submissive males greatest desire? To be dominated of course. Under the control of one of more females. That is a fantasy, a desire, an erotic need. Can such a submissive male be taken to a state of mind where they are unable to resist these desires, needs, and cravings? YES – I an proof of that.

    Yes – Mistress you have swept me quickly, deeply, and thoroughly into a very different state of mind.

    It was almost 3 years ago that you got me to accept for a just one split second that indeed inside was a feminine girly girl part of me – suppressed, denied, and imprisoned. In that split instance, she emerged filled with confidence, and JOY knowing full well that she will NEVER EVER again be relegated to the unconscious recesses of my psychic. Yes – Miss Nina Paige would be with me every moment of every day from them on. When you followed it shortly thereafter with a punishment of requiring me to wear panties 24 hours a day 7 days a week for several consecutive months – it forever changed the dynamics as within a month I never wanted to take them off. The price for permission to keep wearing them? Panty hose or garter belt/stockings became a 24 hour a day, 7 day expectation, requirement, and complement to match my pretty silk lace panties. That was over 30 months ago and yes they are worn at all times.

    All during this time, both you and Miss Paige have been more powerful, controlling and directive of the biological side and the mindset associated with it. It is clear that both Mistress Samantha and Miss Paige wear the skirt(s) of power now. The biological side and mindset allows wears the skirt – the skirt of being controlled & turned into a personal Barbie doll – molded shaped into the model of girly feminine image and persona.

    Indeed as the pressures of the business world build, it serves to strength both of you. To add to that is my wife, who loves the changes in my personality over the last 3 years.

    1. Your girl clothes cannot be thrown out without my permission and review of what you are throwing out.

    2. You brought them to wear them and you will get use of them. They will be worn as often as Samantha decides unless I see the old personality emerging then I will require you to meet with Samantha.

    3. If you think you’re ever going back to your old personality – not a prayer. It stays this way or gets better. There will be no going backwards.

    Yes – I was born to be Barbie. It is who I am.

    I beg you Mistress to continue my training.

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