Thank you all Ladies

 I really love other females knowing how much dressing like a girl sexually and powerfully turns me on.  I find it be so exciting, and unbelievable powerful  sexual attraction to dressing this way.  Can you spell sizzling HOT SEXUAL TURN-ON !

Any wonder why I have been doing this since my early teenage years?  Once I slipped on my first pair of silky lacy panties, sheer stockings and lacy bra – I became totally hooked.  It was such a powerful, total, complete, absolute turn-on and still is.  Yes I became a complete slave to these desires from the very first moment I dressed this way and I still am.   Have I done everything I could to resist these desires? Yes but my attempts to resist them always overwhelmed, crushed, and totally defeated by my sexual excitement, desire, and passions.  Of course, that was before Mistress Samantha turned me into a girl, committed me to be her personal submissive/personal property, and required me to wear panties/stockings for a few months.  Now I cannot bear to take off my silky panties and sheer stockings for even 1 day – yes I’ll be continually feminized for over 2.5 years now.  Totally completely turned on at all times.  

Back to other females – oh yes I love them knowing how much this excites me.  In the past 2 years, 18+ woman know of my passion, excitement, and turn-on for doing this.  Do you know how exciting, rewarding, and enticing it feels to have them willing help and assist me?  Oh – Ladies you are so wonderful.  Who are they specifically?

Mistress Samantha : Mistress, Owner & Coach

  My wife : who allows me to do this 

Michelle, Nikki, and Jessica : Style my wigs while I’m wearing wigs in the hair salon.  

 Maria, Jean, Diane : Female owned lingerie stores –  help me fit & try on sexy undies

 Ronnie, Janine : Bridal & formal gown shop who fitted/sized me – Mori Lee gown

Dalia : Who altered my Mori Lee gown in her shop after Ronnie, Janine sold it to me

 Laura : Formal gown shop owned who did special order Sherri Hill and sized me

 Tara : Who did a makeup lesson for me in hair salon while my hair was being  done

Victoria, Simone : Photographers willing to snap photo’s of me dressed ( future)

  Frederick’s of Hollywood  Staten Is store : Helped me select & use store try on rooms  

 Halloween stores(2 ladies) : Loved smiles at my dresses try on rooms & checkout

Yes – I love other females knowing and cheerfully, happily assisting me.  Yes I’m becoming an exhibitionist.  I love them knowing and yes I love them seeing me even if it’s just wearing my ankle bracelets of my stocking ankle.   Do I show them pictures of me dressed from head to toe?  Yes.  Do I want them to personally see me this way? I’m blushing – I’ll bet you know that answer.  

Do these woman know I’m submissive to females?  At least 50% of them know.  Ah – but do they realize how submissive I really am?  Probably don’t know how ultra, completely submissive and obedient to females I really am.  As much of a girly girl as I am.  I’m also ultra submissive to females.  

So is there a secret to getting to know such wonderful ladies?  Yes – there is. You need to be relaxed, not tense with who you really are.  I would say that probably 20-30% of woman are quite accepting and willing to help but if you are tense, uptight they will read your body language and be that way also.  You need to relax, smile and be who you are.

Wearing panties, bra’s, stockings, garter belts, dresses, skirts/blouses, nightgowns, wigs, high heels, lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara totally absolutely turn me on – sizzling red hot turn-on.  Dangle a pretty pair of panties in front of me and I’ll do whatever I’m told.  

Thank you ladies for helping me become a true girly girl – one who is very devoted to serving females as their toy, plaything or Barbie doll.




















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