Publicly Mortified & Embarrassed

Every day when I go to my site, I’m mortified & embarrassed at my background photo.  I’ve included it again below in case the background photo gets changed.


It is not just the ultra feminine attire that I’m wearing.  The lovely pretty white peignoir, stockings, bra, high heels with my hair professional styled in such pretty flowing ringlets.  It’s the very feminine pose that is SCREAMING, SHOUTING & EXUDING what I’ve turned into.  You cannot hide the body language and it says it all even more than the clothes I’m wearing.  The hands, the legs, the shoulders, and the tilt to my head – very, very feminine and ultra girly.  Study the picture and judge for yourself. Yes my feminization training has been quite through, complete, and comprehensive. On public display for the entire world to see.    

Even more mortifying is how incredibly much this sexually turns me on.   How much this excites me.  How much this drives me wild with desires. How it makes me want to be in a very pretty feminine dress even more.  

The background is now both my constant reminder as well as a total sexual turn-0n that keeps the fires burning HOT at all times.  

Oh and feeling mortified, embarrassed and ashamed is a SIZZLING, HOT, BURNING sexual turn-on also.

 I love adore, and crave feeling this way in front of assertive females




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