Perfect Justice – Part II

From Part I – the prior posting (you may want to read this first)

Ah but this appointment will continue Barbie’s paying the price for suppressing and hiding her desires as well as making sure she doesn’t suppress her desires in anyway.  How?  You have to come back to find out.  It will be rather girly.  

Somebody kept hiding, sneaking, and pretending that didn’t want to wear female attire.  What better more perfect justice is there by having them do the absolute opposite now.  Punishment to fit the crime”

Part II 

Punishment to fit the crime of her suppressing and hiding her feminine desires.  Barbie is going to have a woman give her a lesson in how to apply her eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, false eyelashes, eye lash curling, foundation, lipstick and lip gloss.  Yes — in front of all the other woman in the hair shop who do her hair.  Barbie’s first ever makeup lesson.  Barbie packed her purses ( yes Barbie is required to have pretty makeup purses) and her brand new lipsticks, mascara and eyeliner to complement her other makeup that she picked up in a drugstore.  Barbie of course is only allowed now to SHOP IN PERSON & PERSONALLY PICK OUT HER GIRLY ATTIRE.  She doesn’t dare imply that she is shopping for somebody else either – that is completely totally banned.  To add some additional spice, Barbie had to pick up a brand new Victoria Secret Makeup collection in the local Victoria Secret shop.  While she was there she also had to ask for some black control top pantyhose in Size D ( yes – she has to ask for help also). On the way out they had a real cute sexy pair of silk red underwear with black lace.  Alas – she got to leave without them because they only had size medium, and petite small.  

On the way to the hair salon, off came her socks so that her cute ankle bracelets would be prominently displayed especially since she would be required to sit with her legs crossed pulling the hem of the pants legs up.   Like the cute heart?anklechain 

The woman T. who did the makeup lesson was awesome.  She had a complete set of makeup laid out not knowing if I was going to bring my own makeup.  Since I did we primarily used my makeup.  First she started with the foundation applying it with a brush.  Oh – it looked and felt great.  Then it was onto the eye.  She did one eye  and then watched and corrected me as I did the second eye.  I learned how to apply 3 different shades of eye shadow, followed by eyeliner, mascara, false eyelashes, and then even using an eyelash curler.  She taught me how to correct those mistakes with the eye liner, eye shadow, mascara, and eye liner.  Fantastic.  Now – all during this time the back room had every woman who worked in the shop ( must have been at least 6 of them) come back and watch me having my makeup applied and applying it myself.  

After the foundation and the eyes we proceeded to applying rouges to the apple checks and then onto the lips for learning how to apply lip liner first to fully shape the lips and then followed by application of lipstick followed finally by lip gloss.  I cannot say enough about T. and her service.  She was great and taught me so, so much.  When she was done, it was time to finish the hair.  Lovely long ringlets with a really cute bow by M.  the Goddess of Hair Styling at HC.    How did I feel when I was done?   Good thing I didn’t have my bra, breast forms, waist cincher, dress and high heels in the car.  I’d have mostly certainly been putting it on for the women in the store to see the complete picture.  I would not have been able to resist it.  

So yes Barbie, who used to suppress, deny, and completely shutdown those feminine desires is now having her hair done in public as well as her makeup.  Did she leave the store in her makeup?  Now but when she got home she applied it again almost immediately.  Now, I do admit it was rushed for time but it was the best job ever.  That was followed by Sunday night and next Wednesday night.  Each time was better than the prior time.  Last Wednesday, Mistress was flabbergasted at my makeup ( my first time with the lashes glued on, eyelashes curled, and elegantly bronzed in addition to my foundation). Yes – my training by T. really, really shows.  Mistress is so pleased.  

Both M. who does my hair and T. who did the makeup both thought it was such a shame you couldn’t show everybody your pretty makeup.  Oh Barbie wasn’t going to get away with that – no a chance of it.  That was the plan all along dear – public display.  Yes part of perfect justice Part II.  You’ve not only been turned into a girl but you also a Barbie doll to be dressed and played with.   Do you like showing your pretty lips and eyes to everybody Barbie?  LOL – you don’t get a say in the matter.  



Of course, we need pictures of Barbie’s wonderful, cute, girly hairdo also.  Long curly ringlets with a lovely bow made out of her hair.


Oh so pretty and girly. 


Sweet Barbie, you resisted for so long and now you cannot resist and help yourself.  Yes, perfect justice is just starting, we haven’t even scratched the surface yet. 


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