Oh my ..

Do you like my pretty pink dress and lovely ringlets?

Real life photo of Barbie

Oh my…I so love, adore, and cherish wearing

  • pretty silk panties
  • lacy bra’s
  • tight waist cincher corsets
  • frilly garter belts
  • sheer lace top stockings fastened to the garter belt
  • tall stiletto high heel pumps
  • silk blouses and mini-skirts
  • pretty dresses (mid thigh)
  • lipstick, lip gloss, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, and blush
  • sheer baby doll night gowns
  • Lovely long hair

I LOVE having my hair styled in the boutique by M. at HC.  

Didn’t she do a spectacular job with my ringlets?  I have a thing for wearing pretty curly ringlets.  As I move my head the lovely soft curls rub across my cheeks and shoulders tantalizing and exciting me provoking me to freshen my lipstick, lip gloss, and eye shadow.   I adore looking at myself in the mirror.

Oh my, my, my, …something has radically changed in the last few months.  Yes – I’ve been dressing in female attire since I was a teenager and have always been excited about being submissive to females but this is VERY different.  I’ve have truly become Barbie psychologically.  

I cannot resist being displayed for Mistress just like a Barbie doll.   Dressed to perfection and under the total direction of  Mistress Samantha for her to do to her doll as she see’s fit.  Yes- I’ve become a real life Barbie doll. When I’m dressed in my clothes I want to be seen – a Barbie doll to be admired and played with by females.    

Oh my, my, my, my feminine girly girl desires are a flame that now engulfs me – a flame that burns brighter and hotter every moment.  Every woman I see whether on TV, a movie, at work, in the mall, on a website now increases my desires.  It reminds me of my passion and desires causing me to think about wearing my makeup, doing my hair, or slipping on one of my pretty feminine dresses.  There is no escape or resisting these flames of my passion.   I love shopping for my clothes.  I adore having my hair styled.  I cherish other females knowing I’m been transformed into a Barbie doll and will be staying this way forever.

I want the readers of this blog to see the Barbie doll that I’ve become so now my picture is posted for all to see.

Yes Barbie is not just a name – it has become the true inner spirit and essence of who I love, adore, and cherish being.    


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