Barbie’s thoughts

If you are reading this make sure you read Mistresses comments to me and my response by clicking on the responses which occurred after Mistress read the blog

For almost Barbie’s entire life, “he” resisted and fought the desire.  That powerful sexual desires and urges to put on the dress that turned “him” on so much to wear.  The refusal to acknowledge and admit that “he” wanted to be a slave to females – spanked, punished, and required to obey their every whim.  

Ah but look how far, our feminized submissive has come over the last few years.  

This week, Barbie couldn’t wear her stockings and panties at all for close to four days.  Oh – what pure torment because she wanted to wear them so much.  As of late last night she has them back on again.  Tell the whole Barbie wants on your mind.  

“I love wearing my panties and stockings but it’s not enough.  I need to slip on a lacy bra, a garter belt & stockings, a tight waist cincher, a mini dress to show off my feminine shapely legs, high heels, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, mascara, eye shadow, eye liner, do my nails, put on my pretty wig, my earrings and my necklace .  Yes Mistress Samantha turned the girl inside loose.  I’m a feminine girly girl and need to spend as the girl she has turned me into.  I crave it, need it, and I’m totally unable to resist it“.

From total resistance to complete total surrender to who she really is.   




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  1. Yes, my little Barbie girl… You have most definitely come around to the thinking of myself and my darling Nina Paige. It’s quite ironic, isn’t it? Mr. Macho used to torture and deprive Nina of any semblance of expression of the beautiful, joyful, and passionate sense of femininity she felt so very strongly within her spirit, being, and soul. Talk about the height of cruelty. To add insult to injury, “Mr. Man” WOULD allow Nina time out, BUT it was ONLY to objectify Nina Paige, exploit her deep desire to be pure in her femininity, and use my Nina as nothing more than a sex toy. My my my… How the tide has turned. These days, Mr.Macho-Turned-Barbie-doll is the one begging to express her femininity. She is the one pleading to be allowed to get all dolled up and allow her girlie side to run free. She is the one now kneeling at the delicate pink -or red!- tipped toes of the liberated woman Nina Paige has become. Now, Barbie has gone from the man-in-control to the “(wo)man” being controlled. While she is becoming a model feminine submissive slave girl, my femme toy still has a long way to go. After all, if you’ve lived for decades without ever tasting anything exquisitely and deliciously rich and sweet, a Hostess cupcake is going to taste utterly divine… That is, until your unknowing palate meets a fine, delicate, flaky French pastry or moist, luscious, made-from-scratch-by-a-master-pastry-chef chocolate cake for the very first time… It’s like going from being awkwardly fondled in the cramped backseat of a car by a one-night stand to a night of sexual ecstasy and bliss with one who knows precisely when, where, and how to touch you that makes your body shudder… I think you get the idea – and I know my Barbie is now finally getting it too.

    ~~~Hugs & kisses to my Nina Paige – and a cherry red backside to my Barbie doll…

    Samantha, Mistress of All Things Feminine

  2. Yes – Mistress. I so crave, plead and need to be dressed up. But not like all the times I used to sneak in and out of pretty silky feminine attire.

    The constant wearing of my lacy silky panties and sheer stockings is the ever present arousal, stimulation and turn-on. It is the ultimate continual reminder of how I feel and creates the ever burning desire to dress even more feminine. Ah – but slipping in a dress, bra, high heels, makeup, and jewelry by myself is now longer acceptable.

    Yes – the tide has really turned. It is not only dressing this way that is impossible to resist but I MUST model and display myself totally completely dressed for YOU. Being in a mini-skirt and high heels dress is wonderful but now I must wear these clothes in front of yourself and other females. Even shopping – I now want that saleswoman to know that the bra’s, panties, dress or skirt are for me to wear. This is now so fundamental to my dressing this way and shopping.

    You Are slowly totally completely stripped away every ounce of my ability to hide/suppress this. Replacing it with the ultimate form of justice – the need to express it and display it for you and other woman to know and see.

    Thank you Mistress. I beg and plead with you to continue as I know you will but want the world to see my begging and pleading for it (“While she is becoming a model feminine submissive slave girl, my femme toy still has a long way to go”)

  3. Oh yes, my cutesy darling Barbie doll. Your days of sneaking, suppression, sex slavery of Nina Paige, AND stroking are OVER FOREVER. Your days of control, condescension, and cruelty have passed.

    Those words above are now forbidden and being permanently stricken from Barbie’s vocabulary as we speak! You have been -and still are being- thoroughly reprogrammed and turned into a brand new ultra-femme, ladylike, obedient, female-serving submissive girl.

    You’re sneaking is now replaced with showing off. Your suppression has been erased and replaced with subservience. As for sex slavery, you will now know it from another perspective: the one who is objectified, sexualized, and used as amusement and a means to the ends of my dearest Nina Paige. YOU Barbie are now the sex slave. And stroking… *laughs* Well, there will be NO stroking other that that which I mandate and oversee, and that will only occur when I feel that Barbie needs a “special” creamy treat to remind her that the purpose of her mouth is no longer for making demands and expressing herself, but for further teaching and reinforcing her new place in the grand scheme of femininity.

    On top of that, your former control, condescension, and cruelty have all been banished and replaced with learning to be the one who is now controlled, humiliated, exposed, shamed, disciplined, taunted, and punished at the will and whims by myself and Nina Paige.

    Your feminine little ass is now MINE, my pet Barbie doll – all mine- and my lovely cock is yours. That is so much more than a fair trade. Don’t you think? *wink wink*

    ~~~Mistress Samantha, Holder of the Key to Your Submission and Feminine Bliss

  4. Study Mistresses words carefully Barbie.

    Your transformation re-orientation and retraining has only just begun. It is just the mere beginning and start of you being “turned into a brand new ultra-femme, ladylike, obedient, female-serving submissive girl”

    “You’re sneaking is now replaced with showing off”. In case you haven’t figured it out yet – Nina loves doing this to you. Get ready to blush and the next time starts 2/21

    “Your suppression has been erased and replaced with subservience”. If you’re not trembling with fear, you shall be when you understand the full ramifications of Mistresses words. Punishment to fit the crime – your suppression was severe and so will the subservience that we demand and impose on you.

    “YOU Barbie are NOW the sex slave.”. Yes Barbie, the roles have been totally completed reversed. It is a totally different world for you – a world of skirts only. Mistress Samantha and I wear the skirts of power. You will wear the skirt of submission and you will wear it very proudly. Remember being punished for misbehaving and being required to wear pretty feminine panties for 9 consecutive months 24 hours a day 7 days a week? After 2 months, you were groveling, begging, pleading with us to give you permission to keep wearing panties and stockings every moment of every day for the rest of your life. Of course – once we grant you permission it becomes mandatory from that point on ! Yes Barbie you’ve been wearing panties/stockings all the time for close to 3 years now. You will never, ever be given permission to stop wearing them and of course that includes being totally clean shaven underneath your pretty silky panties.

    “NO stroking other that that which I mandate and oversee, and that will only occur when I feel Barbie needs a “special” creamy treat to remind her that the purpose of her mouth is no longer for making demands” . Such a wonderful multiple purpose & dimensional punishment to stop your from cumming unless mandated and overseen by Mistress. You squirm in continual, constant sexual arousal now – totally turned on by the constant feminization you begged for coupled with wearing pretty bra’s, high heels, dresses, wigs and makeup often several times a week. Now it is you who is teased, tormented, and sensually erotically tortured at all times. Yes and I love seeing it done to to you. The longer you are teased, tormented, and tortured – the more your girly and submissive desires grow – you beg, grovel, and plead for more and them they become something that we require of you from that point on. A prefect continual, self re-enforcing slave training program with no chance of you ever escaping or stopping it. Oh – that special creamy treat for Barbie’s mouth. Tremble now my dear – Mistress Samantha will pick the time but I promise you it will NOT be done quickly. On the contrary that creamy treat will be happen tormentingly slow and deliberate !!! And do you think it is just going to be done infrequently as a punishment? Maybe yes, Maybe no. Look down at your silky sheer legs my dear. LOL – We shall see, we shall see, we shall see. Evil cruel LOL

    “Who is now controlled, humiliated, exposed, shamed, disciplined, taunted, and punished at the will and whims by myself and Nina Paige”. I so love the words humiliated, exposed, shamed, and taunted. You will learn Barbie to fear these specific words.

    “Your feminine little ass is now MINE, my pet Barbie doll – all mine- and my lovely cock is yours” Oh yes – Mistress has BIG plans for that little ass and her lovely cock toy. Maybe if you a really good girl – you will not have to finish with another creamy treat. LOL – well maybe a 5-10% chance of avoiding another creamy treat. You’ll be one of the first to find out – How fair is that ?

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