Barbie’s first trip to Hair Salon

It is Christmas season, time to have my hair styled to wear with my dress – tonight 12/19.  

Went to the awesome hair styling boutique H.C. where M ( Goddess of Hair Styling) did my hair for this evening.  She also introduced me to the other Ladies in the Hair Styling boutique many of whom came by between customers to watch my hair being styled.  Yes – Barbie was introduced to at least 4 other stylists and friend of M.  AWESOME – I could have stayed all day.  I love having my hair done in a salon.  

Here are the pictures from the Hair Salon including one of me in the chair.  



Barbie in the hair salon after her hair was styled. My stylist M. recommended II post it for all to see

The pretty red flowers and accessories, were chosen by M. since she wanted to add the extra flair to match the red dress I would be wearing that evening.  Yes M. understands I dress on Wednesdays and asked the color dress I’d be wearing.

One of the other stylists asked me what else I wore and of course like a very behaved  obedient submissive I explained all.  Just so everybody knows  my complete outfit consisted of ruffled red panties, a red garter belt with black lace trim, lace top stockings attached to the garters, a red bra with black trim, a tight red/black corset with the red dress. My lipstick and lip gloss were perfect matches for the pretty red flowers that adorned my braids and of course I was wearing eye shadow and mascara.  I wore both my 5 1/2 stiletto black high heels  as well as my 4″ silver sandals.   For Christmas season, I also wore a red Santa hat. 

Do I have pictures from last night with me fully dressed?  Of course, but they don’t get posted here because they belong to Mistress Samantha.  Might mistress allow these to be shown to the stylists at HC if they want to see them?  I’m sure she will but of course I must ask permission.  Oh what a contrast.  From the demanding, driving, in charge,  “we are doing it my way” person to a totally obedient, submissive slave girl who knows her place.  Her place?  In a skirt, stockings, high heels on her knees in front of mistress of course.  Females are to be obeyed and served !

Next time, in January, I think Barbie should wear her pretty necklace for all the staff to see. 

Girly girl display

 Did Barbie get punished by Mistress last night?  Oh no – but just wait there is going to be a special day in February where Barbie is going to get IT IN SPADES.  That planning has already started.

Am I done going to this Hair Salon?  LOL, LOL, LOL, LOL & LOL

Only if they don’t let me back but I’ll be a perfect submissive to make sure that doesn’t happen. Plus M. (Goddess of Hair Styling ) is awesome and the other stylists are really friendly!! 

PS : Everybody was destined to see the bra I wore.  See below

Fate - Frederick's pushed this to my Facebook page today.  It is exact bra, including the color, that I wore. So I decided to post it for all to see

Fate – Frederick’s pushed this to my Facebook page today. It is exact bra, including the color, that I wore. So I decided to post it for all to see.


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  1. I have a suggestion… You need to go to a tanning salon with a 2 pc bikini to develop some nice dark sissy tan lines!

  2. Well. A TAN line for a 2 piece bikini would be very embarrassing to explain. You have suggested an excellent humiliation. In terms of the term “Sissy” – it really doesn’t apply to me. I say this to educate because a large population of feminized submissives are turned in sissies. Most sissies overly exaggerate their mannerisms and behavior – almost a parody of a female. Indeed – I have never meet a real female who I have ever seen acts like a sissy. For me, I’m fully totally feminized and my mannerisms, behavior and demeanor are required to be ultra feminine as in a very feminine real female. So whether I’m fully attired as a maid, secretary, or sexy girl – whether I’m wearing a wig or not – I’m to be a complete, total feminine girl ( all girl – all the time) without the exaggeration of being a sissy.

    Now back to your suggestion – yes very embarrassing and impossible to explain how I could possibly have a bikini line. You are right – an excellent humiliation and very telling message of who you are. Given that I have children – I have to pass on that one. But alas – the pants can never come off because underneath are the panties and stockings that are worn almost 100% of the time. Equally embarrassing but a little more controllable than the bikini lines.

    But I love your suggestion, please feel free to offer anymore that come to mind !!!

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