Punishment night

Last night, Mistress punished me for all the years of being a macho asshole, not properly paying attention to my wife, the manner I treated other women, and the suppression of my desire to wear a dress, panties, and stockings.  

I was warned about being punished last night.  So as her good secretary (yes from business leader to Mistresses pretty feminine secretary – a proper role reversal from me), I organized everything into categories.  Bondage equipment, spanking equipment, Cock/Ball torment, Nipple torment, Anal, Feeding, and Masks.   All total 36 items.  To be clear some of these are normal household items like clothespins, wooden ruler, rubber bands and ice,   Your punishment equipment doesn’t have to be expensive items from adult stores.

 Of course, to start the evening, I was dressed to the “nine’s” – panties, garter belt, stockings, bra, waist cincher  high heels pumps, dress, lipstick, mascara, eye shadow, necklace,bracelet, and long blonde wig.  It didn’t take long before Mistress had me stripped to my feminine underwear to administer the punishment. 

Yes it HURT physically – at one point, I was whimpering through my gag.  Mistress warned me that any more sounds and it would be back to the wooden cane on my ass.  That was enough to keep me in silence.  I did not want any more of that wooden cane. She then proceeded to administer more pain, shame, humiliation  and embarrassment to me on full display before HER on webcam.   What did she do?  Well, we don’t reveal all of Mistresses techniques other than to say she was extremely through.   

The punishment was not random or a show of Mistresses power over me.  It was a reminder of my past behavior and how it will NEVER be tolerated again.  

Thank you Mistress, it was deserved, needed and important to re-enforce my position as your slave girl.





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  1. You’re exactly right: As I told you last night, I did not harshly discipline you arbitrarily or simply because I could – and I am pleased that you understand this. It was for DECADES that our dear Nina Paige was locked away and only allowed out under Princess Barbie’s terms. Princess used Nina as a toy, and now it is Princess’ turn to be Nina’s and MY toy! That discipline session was meant to serve the purpose of showing Princess Barbie-girl how it feels to be helpless, at the mercy of someone else’s desires, and have absolutely NO say-so in what happens to her. I want to consistently -and even unexpectedly- escalate that discomfort to a level where Princess can understands Nina’s past and is perfectly willing to grovel, plead, and beg for a reprieve and perhaps a release from an unpleasant situation – yet she will find no mercy, as that is precisely what she gave Nina. I discipline you in the name of real change, learning, and the continued freedom of Nina Paige. My precious little Princess Barbie, things have changed, there’s a new Woman in charge, and the past will NEVER be revisited. You now and forevermore belong to us… 😉

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