My Hair Stylist & Trip to the Hair Salon

I now have a hair Stylist in a hair salon – her name starts with M.  I didn’t get her permission to use her full name and as existing readers of this blog understand – I know my place with all females.  It to be obedient, respectful, submissive and to follow their instructions at all times.  So without her approval –  her name shall remain M.  

M. is fabulous.  She is fun, personable, very attractive and does excellent work.  For our first appointment she did a cut/color of my biological hair( yes – that side needs to have hair cut also and it needs to be colored also).   Does M. know about Barbie?  Of yes, she does and is more than happy to do her hair also.  In fact, M. has helped pick out Barbie’s curling wand.  The one in the shop doesn’t have a variable temp. gauge and my heat resistant wig isn’t recommended for above 350 degrees.  Yes – part of M. talents is she is very knowledgeable of wigs also.  I initially ordered a CHI styling wand  via internet and although one site said it had a temp. gauge – it didn’t.  So I returned it and sent to M. a text of another model.  She thinks will be perfect.  It is from Sephora and this time I will personally shop for it and pick it out which of course is what Mistress Samantha prefers me to do anyway.   I already have my appointment for mid December to have my lovely wig done in cute ringlets.  I’ll drop the wig off beforehand.  

Oh – so M. is going to style it for me and I’ll pick it up?  She would if I wanted.  No – it gets dropped off ahead of time because she wants to wash it first.  It’s going to take about 1 hour to 1 hour 15 minutes to do Barbie’s hair in ringlets.  It will be done with Barbie wearing it, in the chair, in the hair salon.  Sounds like one of those stories and fantasies that “men” such as myself dream up.  No – Barbie is going to have her done in the Salon by M.  Out in public?  No – there is a private room in the back for Barbie to be styled and she will be.  

Do I care if the entire store STAFF knows that Barbie is having her hair done?  Not at all – in fact I’d really like it.  I almost made the appointment as Barbie.  

Other customers?  Well – no.  You don’t want them to feel uncomfortable or out of place.  This is an awesome salon and it’s the type of place you want to see get as much business as possible. So no – never with knowledge of other customers.   Plus, you also certainly don’t want somebody from work ( the salon is close to my place of work ) to come in and see their boss having “her” hair done in cute, adorable ringlets.  

Oh – I’m going to love having my hair done in ringlets by M.  I’m positive she will have me looking cute and adorable.  

Will I leave the store wearing my wig with ringlets?  Of course not – I’ll store it away in my PC case.   But M. already knows my favorite day to be styled.  It is the day I normally meet with Mistress Samantha.  Yes – I told her I want to look pretty, adorable, and cute for that evening when I’ll be in a dress, stocking, and makeup for Mistress Samantha.  

I want Mistress to see her pretty slave girl that night after she has had her hair styled professionally for her.  I love making Mistress pleased and proud of her work.  I’m Mistresses Barbie doll and I want to look perfect.  

 I used to think I could only dream, not I know the adventures of Barbie are just at the very beginning.  We’ve just started them !!!!!






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