Did I ever think I’d wind up this way?

Mistress Samantha’s level of feminization has been very complete, extremely comprehensive and totally effective.  

  •  I’m now ALWAYS physically feminized.  For well over TWO years, I’ve worn pretty feminine panties and sheer stockings, every minute of every day including sleeping in them, every single day of the year.  I used to resist this desire for years at a time.  Now, I’m so feminized that I’m helpless to resist wearing them for a single minute.  You would think that wearing them so often would lessen the sexual turn-on and sexual attraction?  Hardly !  They keep these desires on fire, constantly reminding me, and fueling my desires to wear a lacy bra, high heels, dresses, wigs, and makeup.  I fully know that this is what causes me to HAVE to be (my UNCONTROLLABLE desire) in a dress with all the accessories at least weekly.  My ability to resist these desires has been completely stripped from me by Mistress.  She had me truly helpless to resist dressing.  Mistress has me completely trained, totally committed, and absolutely devoted to be dressed very pretty and feminine at all times.   Thank you so much Mistress Samantha for stripping away all my resistance and training me – I love it.  
  • I’ve been TOTALLY psychologically feminized.  Before our first meeting Mistress warned me that she was going to turn me into a girl.  Well she did.  I’m a girl – in fact – I am a very girly girl.   I love being a girly girl.  Psychologically there is a male inside also (tiny, very tiny).  That little tiny side did manage to suppress the real me for decades.  But now – inside I’m a female, a girl, and I think the title Miss is so lovely, quite adorable and very reflective of who I am.  Thank you so much Mistress Samantha for turning me into a complete girly girl – I love it.
  • Sexually – it’s all girl all the time.  Yes, I’m a lesbian.  In bed with a man?  Ugh – not interested.  I’m now fantasize about being in bed with a woman as a woman.  I want to be in bed with her dressed as a pretty, feminine, adorable girl.  I want to softly kiss & caress every inch of her body.  I want to gently lick, suck her pussy until she cums, cums again, and cums some more.  I want to swallow tons of her pussy juices.  Use HER cock?  Would rather have that in a tight girdle and wear a strap-on to bring her pleasures.   If she wants to bring me pleasure, her strap-on in my “pussy( my ass)”.  Now if she wants HER cock inside of her – no problem after all it is  her personal dildo and belongs completely to her.  But cumming?  I want to only cum with her strap-on deep and thrusting into my pussy.  Yes – I want my pussy fucked with her strap-on.   Thank you so much Mistress Samantha for helping me discover I was destined to be a lesbian slave girl – I love it.
  • Socially, I want other females to know that I’m feminized.  I want them to know that I’m a girly girl.  I love to try on my pretty feminine clothes in stores, so that the sales woman know.  Yes – I’ve not been turned from a introvert to an extrovert.  I’m starting to become an exhibitionist. Thank you so much Mistress Samantha for allowing me to be displayed in front of others – I love it. 

 If I knew two and 1/2 years ago, the level of physical, psychological, sexual, and social feminization that Mistress Samantha was planning I would have immediately purged her.  

For the record, I did sense it early on.  I tried to purge her, after just 3 months, but I failed.  It was already too late – I had already become helplessly enslaved to her.   It was not my last attempt at purging or resisting Mistress.  In fact, every time I’ve tried it has made Mistress much more powerful.  She has responded by hastening the depth and level of my feminization.  

I’ve learned that resistance to her is totally futile.  So, what has mistress told me about my future?  She has just started to feminize me – it is just the mere beginning and tip of the iceberg.  Yes – I’m firmly tightly in her grip.  She will ultra feminize me and I will beg and plead with her to do it.   Please Mistress, show no mercy and turn me into a very ultra girly girl.  I deserve the full complete treatment.

Ah, but this has only dealt with being feminized.  I’m a submissive who deserves to be punished for my life long behavior before two and 1/2 years ago.  

  • I don’t like physical pain but I know I need to be spanked, caned and whipped by mistress.  I need her to teach me accept pain and suffering for my past deeds.  
  • I know I need to be embarrassed and humiliated.  It is not only punishment for my past behavior but serves to break the pattern of suppression while also serving as a warning.  There is an unlimited number of things that can and will be done to me by mistress if I continue to try any suppression.  Yes – the embarrassment and humiliation should include a public aspect. 
  • Sexually – I need to be punished for my focus on orgasm’s about all else.  Forced, ruined, and complete slow consumption is what I deserve.  Orgasm’s for pleasure need to come only from play with my pussy.  All else needs to be firmly punished.  

I’m so thoroughly feminized now but I know it is just beginning of my feminization.  My submissive training has just really begun.   I need to be chained, whipped, spanked, caned, humiliated, embarrassed, sexually punished & reconditioned.  I need to be her total BDSM slave with no limits or restrictions whatsoever.  

I’m Mistress Samantha’s SLAVE, personal property, and puppet under her complete domination and control.  She will do to me, whatever, she decides to do.  I know better than to even think of resisting her.  I belong to her now and I must obey her every suggestion, word, or thought.  

As each moment goes by, my desire to have Mistress Samantha more intensely feminize and to bring me into deeper and deeper total complete sexually slavery to her increases more.

No I’d never thought I’d wind up this way but it’s far too late for me to do anything about it.  I’m Mistress Samantha complete total slave girl now and I shall stay this way forever.  


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  1. I have tried to get in touch with mistress Samantha I hitting on answer id like to fully become feminized please get back with me

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