The very public humiliation of Barbie is coming within next 3 months


I know that I need to be punished for my past behavior.

  • Was it right for me to sneaking into girl’s clothing my entire life.  No, it wasn’t.
  • Was it right for me to wear my mother’s, sister’s, wife’s and sister in law’s clothing without their permission and approval.  No it wasn’t.
  • When I got my own female attire was it right to throw them away?  No, it was wasteful to throw away plus it continued suppression.
  • Shouldn’t you have told your wife before you were married or the fact that dressing like a girl was a very powerful turn-on?  Yes, it was wrong not to.
  • Should you have coerced your wife in playing with you this way after you were married?  No, that was wrong she didn’t enjoy it.
  •  Do you deny thinking of professional female dominants as your personal toys to manipulate as you wanted?  No, I cannot deny it.
  •  Do you deny that you planned on making Mistress Samantha your COCK slave?  No, that was my plan.
  • Do you deny portraying yourself as a submissive while controlling, manipulating, and demanding your desires of females?  No, I said I wanted to be submissive but acted the exact opposite.
  • Do you deny suppressing your feminine, submissive desires to the detriment of yourself, your wife, and your family?  No, this suppression was wrong and counter productive
  • Did you refuse to follow Mistresses first instruction to you – too strip all hair from your personal area?  Yes, I told her I would not do that.

Yes I’ve changed and stopped these behaviors but that doesn’t mean I should escape being punished.  No, on the contrary, I need to be punished for behaving this way.  I want to be publicly punished, embarrassed, and humiliated.  The equivalent of the public stockade from Puritan times.   So the next shopping trip requires Barbie to be displayed for all to see.  How?  She will be wearing the following necklace.  Rule (1) : she must talk to store staff, while shopping,  so they see the necklace (2) at least 3 stores of each type and (3) intimate apparel  shoes, dresses, makeup, and accessory stores are required.  Yes – at least 15 stores all total. 

Girly girl display

Public humiliation and embarrassment for Barbie. Having to pick out the clothes wearing this for all to see.

Barbie is going to co-operate 1000% and yes she better make sure she is publicly embarrassed and humiliated.  If not, the next shopping trip, in addition to the necklace, she will wear 

Want to try and avoid your punishment Barbie? This is what happens if you do.

Avoid the embarrassment and humiliation a 2nd time after shopping in necklace and sweatshirt?   Here is what happens then.  A custom tee shirt, dyed pink with the following stencils – one on back and the other on the front.

“Male” feminized by females

“Male” feminized by females

There is and will  be no escape possible.  I deserve this public humiliation, and embarrassment. I have as much chance of escaping this as I do taking off my pretty panties and sheer pantyhose.  I cannot resist the desire to have this done.  I’m quite helpless to avoid it.  I’m a submissive to females, there is no longer up for debate, resistance or suppression of any kind. I’m a slave to females.       



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