Do I regret writing the blog entry public humiliation of Barbie is coming?

See the prior post before reading this.

Yes, I’m already mortified, ashamed, and feel as I cannot go through with this.  That is preciously why, it must be done.  

It is part of the process of having  every ounce of male pride, dignity, ego and persona stripped away from me.  I’m Mistress Samantha’s slave and her personal private property now.  Those are easy words to say – they must be proved for all to see. 

Being publicly mortified, embarrassed, and humiliated  will continue to enhance and strengthen her control and my helplessness. 

I cringe at the thought of doing this, at the same time knowing it is true justice, needed punishment, and part of the continued breaking of me.

I beg you Mistress show no mercy and do not let me escape.  This very much needs to be done and why I’m cringing, ashamed and mortified already at just the mere thought of really having to do this.

Your pretty Barbie girl 


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