I’ve been broken, trained, and now transformed into Barbie

I have always had submissive sexual desires. Up until 2.5 years ago, you should make no mistake.  I was in charge.  I’ve always been in charge.  This was my game to play.  I controlled the fantasies.  I did want I WANTED.  Female domination?  Sure, as long as I controlled the activities.  As I read the ads of professional female dominants and mistresses, I privately thought of them as potentially MY PERSONAL TOYS, to perform as I told them they HAD to.   

Then 2.5 years ago, I began to interact with a dominant female.   She was going to be my toy to do whatever I wanted her to do.  She would add in the human interaction to enhance my submissive experience.  I was arrogant and cocky knowing that I’d hold all the power and control.  She’d do whatever she was told and would be available at my beck/call to dance to my tune.  

Instead, Mistress Samantha has me turned me into her puppet thoroughly and completely feminizing me.  It’s not just the fact that I’ve been wearing panties and stockings every single day ( 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)  for well over TWO years.   It’s HOW I’ve been wearing them.  For you see, mistress doesn’t have to tell me to dress this way, she doesn’t order me to dress this way, and she no longer instructs me to dress this way.  

I dress myself in lacy panties and sheer stockings continually and constantly now because I can no longer resist not wearing them.   I own many lacy bra’s, corsets, garter belts, slips, silk nightgowns, dresses, skirts, high heels, wigs, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, lipstick, lip gloss, lip liner, eyeliner, mascara, eye-shadow, powder blushes and nail polish.  I now must not wear the pretty most feminine clothes I can find but I have to personally shop and pick them out.   

I cannot bear to take off my panties and stockings.  I have to wear my bra’s, dresses, high heels, and lipstick and be displayed this way at least weekly for mistress.    I’ve gone from being in control to consistently being in pretty dresses with stockings, high heels, lipstick and much more.

Mistress was going to be my toy?  Well, I’m now her personal toy.  She know how to increase my feminine submissive and does so whenever it pleases, or amuses her.   Her suggestions or idea’s become impossible for me to resist.  In fact, when she suggests something no matter no girly, feminine or submissive, I’m expected to fully participate and give her suggestions on what else she should to make it stronger.  I, obediently respond, as I cannot resist in any way, to make sure it is ultra powerful.   Yes, every once of my male pride, dignity, ego, and persona is being comprehensively and deliberately stripped away.    It is humbling,  embarrassing, and humiliating for me to not only watch this occur but to actively assist Mistress in my own through subjugation.  This includes my begging, pleading mistress to do this to me – as I completely belittled and cowed into total slavery to her.  Yes – I’m now Mistress slave and personal property.  I belong to her and she now owns me.  However, make no mistake, I’m now submissive to all females and want to be feminized in front of every single one of them. 

I’m now Barbie – a doll to be dressed, feminized, played with, and controlled by females.  Justice for all those years of suppression, behavior and control?  Hardly.  Barbie is simply who I am- who I was meant to me and who I shall spend the rest of my life being.

Oh no – for those years of control, arrogance, cockiness, and improper attitude towards females – there must be punishment, humiliation, embarrassment and completely humbling to start approaching justice.  It is what is needed to balance the scales.    

On Monday, I shopped for my pretty Halloween dresses and of course I tried them on. Did the staff and customers see my pretty red toenails and pantyhose when I tried on my dresses in the Halloween stores?  I know at least one set of customers did.  The saleslady in one store thought the dress was adorable and was sorry she didn’t see me in it.

Do you like my pretty new dresses?  

feminized submissive male in his first Halloween dress

feminized submissive male in his second Halloween dress

Afterwards, it was on to Frederick’s of Hollywood for some High heels, dresses, and pretty feminine undergarments ( bra, garter belt, stockings etc).  In my conversations with Mistress,  it was decided that I needed to try the high heels on.  So, this time, I found up in Frederick’s dressing room to try on my dress, high heels and new bra.  

Do you like my new Frederick’s high heels and dress ?

feminized male submissive new high heels pumps personally tried on in Frederick’s of Hollywood

New dress for feminized submissive male, purchased and tried on in Frederick’s of Hollywood

Was Barbie humiliated, embarrassed, punished and publicly humbled? No, which means she needs to go shopping again.  The time the entire focus of this trip will be her being punished.  



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