Fully displayed in Mistresses Pink Bows Of Feminine Restitution & Retribution


Updated the next day for new title based upon Mistresses comment in comment section

Updated : a comment was added at the very bottom several hours after posting this

I received am Instant message from Mistress early this AM.  “You WILL be punished, humiliated, and put on display”  Mistress proceeded to give me specific orders to take 3 pictures ASAP.   This morning I went to the store to get a required item.  Mistress wanted pink ribbon(s) at least 12″ long.

Layers of pink lacy ribbons

I came home and proceeded to take the 3 required pictures which Mistress instructed I post for all to see.

Princess in her lace pink panties

Panties pulled to the side to show the cock cage and ribbons

Panties pulled to the side to show the cock cage and ribbons

Panties pulled fully down, the caged cock, the shaved area now femininely decorated in layers of pink ribbons.  Princess is now in layers of curly pink ribbons

Panties pulled fully down, the caged cock, the totally shaved area now femininely decorated in layers of pink ribbons.  Totally exposed and displayed for all to see in her new bows of shame & humiliation

When I first contacted Mistress,  I had secretly planned her fate.   She was to be my toy, my plaything, my live “wind-up” doll dutifully fulfilling my fantasies.   How dishonest, deceitful and devious.  How dare I even think that way or try.

Last night, Mistress proceeded to the next stage in my punishment. Shame and  humiliation – the addition of the bows of shame to her personal, private area.  It is her’s area only – her possession.  I’m  never ever again allowed to use the word MY for HER personal private area.

Mistress no longer lets me touch this area, she requires it to be kept totally hairless at all times and it is in silk or lace panties 24 hours a day seven days a week.  This weekend is two consecutive years of being in panties AT ALL TIMES.  I own several cock cages that are required to be worn from time to time.  Now, she has added the pink, curly bows of shame and humiliation.  A fitting punishment for my trying to deceive and manipulate her.  It goes without saying or having to be told.   They will stayed tied on until she gives me permission to remove. 

I’m to be kept in my bows of shame and humiliation as punishment for my past behavior until she decides differently.

Please Mistress, I deserve to fully punished for this behavior.

UPDATED several hours later

I feel so embarrassed and mortified.  I so ashamed to have to continue to wear the lacy pink ribbons and bows which are tied  to mistresses cock and balls.  The cock and balls belong to mistress now – as do I.  They will be kept this way until mistress decides otherwise and there is nothing I can do about it.  My punishment and helplessness is for all to both see and read. 



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  1. Is poor little Princess feeling completely consumed with embarrassment, shame, and humiliation now that the world can see how the formerly nasty, domineering, and femininity-stifling macho \”man\” has been forced onto his knees and is bowing 24/7 to all things feminine now?!

    Does it make the moisturized apples of Princess\’ lovely cheeks burn a rosy red in knowing that her past is being exposed and put on public display – just as is she herself?!

    Does public parading of MY girlie-cock and balls (that Princess is simply carrying for Mistress) and letting the world SEE how soft, silky, and bare MY AND MY ALONE private subbie-femme-slave playground is commanded by my permanent order to remain cause my Princess to wince or cringe? If not, perhaps those pink bows of feminine restitution and retribution on my now-girlie-esque and chaste private area do?

    In any event, my dearest Princess, this is ONLY THE BEGINNING of your next round of public exposure, where you will continue to be stripped (pun fully intended here!!) of every last atomic bit of masculinity that is -as we speak- slipping away from your pretty pink-tipped fingers day by day.

    Continue giving in, my pet, and embracing that desire and yearning for femininity that you had locked in YOUR OWN vault for all those years that you punished and imprisoned my Nina Paige. We ALL know it was there – and you only punished Nina because you (Princess) were too weak in your nasty machismo to express -or allow Nina to express!- what she was always ready and yearning to explore, cultivate, and embrace. You were so full of envy and jealousy that you used your arrogant iron grip in an attempt to squeeze the life out of Nina.

    ALL of that is OVER now, my dearest little Princess – and it is over FOREVER…

  2. As I continue to reflect on the machismo behavior that cruelly, harshly, severely, tortured Nina. I truly deserve to be punished, to the same level and extent that Nina was. Yet I cringe in further shame when I read your words that this is only the beginning of the next round of public exposure. Worse yet – I will be stripped of every last atomic bit of masculinity for ALL TO SEE.

    Yes mistress – my masculinity is slipping away from now my pretty pink-tipped fingers being replaced by femininity as you make that every slow deliberate step can never be reversed.

    I feel deeply mortified and very ashamed now that you have dressed me in your pink bows of feminine retribution and restitution. This feeling is significantly compounded by having to be displayed this way for the whole world to see.

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