My fitting in the Wig store

Mistress Samantha and Ms. X had made their decision.  My makeup lessons were going to include hair styling lessons.  So not only would I learn to apply my makeup  perfectly but I was to be instructed in how to style, curl, and set my hair.  They both decided that synthetic wigs would not work.  I needed a wig that could be set, curled, and styled.  Not only was a new wig required –  Mistress Samantha loved the idea of Ms. X taking me shopping for it.  I, of course, now totally obedient to Mistress knew better than to question this at all.    

Prior to my next appointment with Ms. X, the only thing I knew was that we would be going shopping.  Mistress and Ms. X. had exchanged emails but the exact plans were not revealed to me.  My place is and will now be forever to completely obey, without hesitation, question or any resistance.  Well, not to my surprise, I was told we’d be shopping for new makeup and the wig.   The first store was synthetic only, the second shop had real human hair wigs but they charged $3,000.   Insane pricing. 

Well instead of quitting, I suggested another store that I occasionally passed by.  It was a hair salon that did hair styling and cutting with a complete large collection of wigs.  Unfortunately the wig section was by appointments only.  But that didn’t stop Ms. X she asked if we could look at the wigs anyway, so one of the ladies in the store escorted us in.  As we went through the choices, the wig fitting expert finished up hair styling a client and joined us.  I did freeze.  It was not a female.  My readers all know “I’m all girl, all the time” If you’re a new reader I was born to have females dominate me.  Yes, I want females to tie me up, spank me, chain me , whip me, and cage me. I want to  be kept totally feminized as a reminder of my total submission and service to woman.  Embarrassment and humiliation?  Yes – I love that also.     

Well, we discussed the wigs with the man, who I later learned owned the store.   He had been doing wigs and hair styling for 35 years and he recommended that the wig really needed to be fitted on the person who would be wearing it.  He asked if that was Ms. X, she said it wasn’t.  After about a 30 second hesitation, I knew what Mistress required of me.  I told him it was for me.   Well, we proceeded to head into the changing room to be fitted for a wig.  The wig itself was awesome, a very light mesh on the scalp, a very natural hair line, and very soft and feminine to wear.  It could be styled, curled, washed just like real hair and was under $500.  Now, the color, shade and length did not meet the plan, so the wig had to be ordered.  The shade of the hair was selected to match my skin tone.   Even though the hair length was much longer (below my shoulder), the price was still the same.  So the wig was ordered.   Now when we briefed Mistress after the trip, she said it she wanted to setup a test of my submission, this is what she would have done.  I’m her submissive and slave and denying that is unacceptable.  She was quite pleased that the owner had 35 years of experience and wanted me to look perfect in the wig. Now does that mean, she will not punish me for that 30 seconds of hesitation.  LOL – the odds of that are slim and none.  However, she was very pleased with the end results and that I properly submitted and acknowledged it was for me to wear.   

The initial plan was to pick up the wig with Ms. X the following week.  As circumstances would have it, I didn’t have time to pick up Ms. X, so I went to have my final wig fitting yesterday. The owner Ray fitted me, instructed me in how to style my hair, recommended brushes, hair spray, and provided some wig caps.  All at a very affordable price.  I gave Ray my shopping card and told him I’d write this blog entry.  He gave me permission to reference his store.  I highly endorse Ray’s store and service.  He gave me his permission to reference his store by name.  If you are at all similar to me, you will feel comfortable in his store.  The website is  It is located in Rochelle Park, NJ

Wig store more than happy to fit males for females wigs in NJ

Wig store more than happy to fit males for females wigs in NJ

Now have I changed my mind at who I am?  A male submissive who wants to be bound, spanked, discipline, controlled and keep in submission and slavery to females.  Of course not – it is who I am.  

Ray would like me to use his store for having my hair cut.  Perhaps I will.  Will I be able to resist telling the women cutting my hair that Ray fitted me for a lovely long blonde female wig?  Well  – probably not.  Will I want to set up a special appointment in the back to have one of the women hair stylists style my new hair and set my hair for me?  LOL – I’ll bet if I don’t try Mistress will require it.  

This blog continues to be about real life feminized submission and slavery to females balanced with being a business person, father, and husband.  

Yes – it’s all real – very real.    

Oh BTW : as per my prior posts – shopping requires all feminine underwear and not a stitch of male undergarments including socks.  As I was driving Ms. X, she told me she thought my ankle bracelets were very pretty.  I blushed and thanked her. 






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