The makeup transformation lesson

As I previously wrote in the earlier blog, I specifically went shopping for some adorable cute makeup cases, my new feminine reading glasses, and my pretty pink hairbrush.  Why?  I wanted Mistress to be proud of me.  Not one ounce of suppression, denying or hiding either the feminine or submissive side.  After all, Mistress had been training me for over 2+ years to stop that.  Showing just one ounce of that old side would have been highly disrespectful and just unacceptable to me now.

Whenever I shop – I dress extra girly.  The evening before I asked Mistress for permission to wear a lacy garter belt,  sheer lace top stockings, ruffled panties, and a bra underneath.  I wanted to be ‘special’ girly.  I was thrilled when Mistress agreed.  Now since I was meeting Ms. Smith directly after leaving the office, I couldn’t wear my bra to work especially since not one stitch of “male” undergarments including undershirt or socks would be allowed.  It was to be “all girl” underneath.  So I packed my Victoria Secret “Very Sexy” pink bra with black lace trim and two ankle bracelets.   Those I added in after work in a quick change in Wendy’s men’s room.  How did I like working in my garter belt, sheer lace top stockings, and ruffled panties under my pants ?  Oh-lets say AWESOME.  Once I added in the lacy bra and ankle bracelets – I was in ecstasy.  

How did I feel headed into the meeting?  Very excited coupled with quite nervous.   All those years of control and I was headed into a very different situation   Afraid?  No – filled with girly anticipation.  On the way to the meeting Ms. Smith send me a text message telling me that her assistant M. could not make the meeting but she’d be happy to proceed without her. My immediate instinct was to cancel the meeting but was that “Princess” trying to escape?  Oh no, I called Mistress Samantha for guidance.  Mistress very much wanted us to move forward in my continuing evolution but only if Ms. Smith was 100% comfortable.  I called her and she assured me she was.  

I arrived at Ms. Smith’s home and knocked at her door.  She greeted me with a big smile and hug addressing me as Nina – of course.  Now – I did feel almost speechless – not in any way ashamed or embarrassed.  I was actually thrilled but I felt very shy and very vulnerable. Yes I liked the feeling particularly vulnerable.   

I went to her kitchen and hooked up my PC and webcam.  I could not get Skype to work, so once I got the cam going I dialed mistress in with my cell phone.  Finally we got the call going.  I had practiced my greeting and when Mistress Samantha answered I told her it was her “very submissive slave girl” calling.  Ms. Smith responded with very favorable body language.    Mistress Samantha in a very natural, pleasant way took control of the conversation.  

As Ms. Smith began to feel comfortable with Mistress Samantha – they began to discuss my makeup skills, techniques, approach and things I needed to learn.  I knew my place was to sit there and blush !!  But that was on the outside – inside of me the girl inside began to GUSH & BURN !  I almost forgot to open my case and show Ms. Smith my wigs, my makeup, and my jewelry collection.  She reviewed them all as Mistress continued talking about the things I needed to learn about makeup.  Mistress clearly let her know of my submissive side making it clear to Ms. Smith that I WOULD be totally obedient at all times.  No question about it.  I blushed some more. 

During the conversation, Mistress absolutely agreed with Ms. Smith – I would be going shopping with Ms. Smith for a real human hair wig – so I could learn how to do various hair styling which would become part of my makeup lessons.  Mistress Samantha told her my hair needs to shoulder length blonde.  I need a wig cap also.  Ms. Smith to select it the shade and style she thought was best.   Ms Smith will also be deciding on my makeup brushes and other essentials that would be needed.  I’d also be learning on how to do my makeup properly as both Mistress and Ms. Smith agree – I’m applying it backwards !!!

 All the time, while they were discussing this something was happening more and more even single moment – inside of me.  After the lengthy conversation, Ms. Smith decided she would send Mistress Samantha a list of what she planned on my buying.   So next step will be shopping with Ms. Smith and I subsequently learned afterwards I’d be on webcam with Mistress & Ms. Smith and then I’ll be doing my first actual makeup lesson from Ms. Smith.  After Mistress disconnected, I left followed by a hub and kiss on cheek from Ms. Smith who plans on my being her prize student.

Oh – I cannot wait until I become an expert on my makeup transformation.  I want to be so pretty for Mistress when I fully made-up.  

Ah – but another more permanent transformation occurred during this meeting.  A psychological transformation occurred.  I loved being displayed by Mistress as her feminized slave girl in front of another women who was very comfortable seeing me as such and more than willing to accept and assist.  Over 2 years ago, Mistress turned me into her slave girl, freeing me from the lonely, isolated mental prison the biological male had locked her in.  Yes – she completely freed the girl inside.  Now she took me beyond that.  In a place where I was her slave girl – her personal property – displayed in front of another willing female who could see the complete slave girl as I was always meant to be.  The blending of both sides together by Mistress with full acceptance and fully displayed for others as she(I) am.

Oh – I so loved and still cherish it.  

Yes – Nina Paige moved to a new place during this meeting.  I’ve gone from “free” to “fully alive”.  I’m shouting and want the world to know and see.  






Afterwards Mistress Samantha send me an Instant Message telling me how pleased she was with Ms. Smith and how the meeting went. Also she has decided I must do a complete scrapbook of my makeup and hair evolution including pictures.  Mistress gave me the option of paper or electronic.  It shall be PAPER mistress because it takes more time, energy, and devotion to do PAPER.  It also serves to re-enforce everything related to my lessons.  

Oh being brought fully alive has also opened my (Nina’s eyes) even wider.  Oh – I now understand so much more how Princess controlled me and kept me in denial and suppression.    Oh Yes – a cathartic revelation.  

My shopping and makeup lessons shall be scheduled starting in August.  What will I be buying?  I will find out if and when Mistress Samantha and Ms. Smith decide that that might not be until I enter the store with Ms. Smith. 

 Oh my Feminization desires and needs have tripled at least.  I cannot wait.  

Yes – the makeup session was a transformation from “FREE” to “FULLY ALIVE”  

Thank you Mistress and Ms. – I love being one of the girls.  Please help me become a perfect girly girl.  






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  1. Awesome! Congrats!

  2. Hi Nina – I’m not sure how to contact you directly, but I was wondering if you had any suggestions on blog topics that I could write about to help explore, come to terms with, and further my life as a feminized submissive? Thank you in advance!! No worries if you don’t have time to get back to me about this. Thanks again!

  3. Hi – As you can tell from my website – I’m kept in a highly feminized state by Mistress at all times. My submissive state and obedience to Mistress is quite similar. I’m not allowed to post my email address publicly – ever. That is one of mistresses strict rules and I see no email address from you. So I guess we will have to chat here unless you can post yours and I will send you a reply with mine included. It’s okay to share it but never publicly post it. Sorry – I’m totally obedient to mistress.

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