Preparation for my one:one personal makeup lessons

In February 2012, Mistress Samantha decided that my application of makeup need improvement.  So it was decided that I needed private makeup lessons.  Over the internet?  Oh no – Mistress thought that personal one:one lessons would be better.  Making sure your makeup is perfect really needs to be done in person.  Once I understood that I would be doing the makeup lessons, Mistress also let me know my hair had to be better styled.  This to would be done personally and not just dropping a wig off at a salon and picking it up.  No, I had to work with the hair stylist personally to learn more also.  

Yes – the next step in my Feminization “training” and conditioning required it to be done in person.  I knew exactly what Mistress wanted – I did not have to be told.  So you hide, denied, suppressed your feminine desires before?  Punishment to fit the crime would require the opposite now.  

Naturally I was assigned the task of arranging for it.  I’m Mistress Samantha’s secretary so this is my job.  I tried several approaches with no results.  

Finally one day in early June, I got a reply from a beauty website where I posted a public entry.  The post was quite specific about my being a biological male seeking makeup and wig styling lessons.  It included mu obedience and submission to females.  I corresponded back and forth and learned she was close to both my home and my job.  Absolute perfect location.

As we corresponded via email  – I transitioned from using new first name to Ms. Smith ( that is not her real last name) asking her how she preferred to be addressed.  Quickly settled it was Ms. Smith.  A subtle but effective way to establish my subservience to her.  

It did not take long for Ms. Smith to inquire about my wigs, telling me we should consider a field trip to a salon by her house to buy a real human hair wig.  Yes – the lessons were to take place at her home with herself and her assistant – first name of M (I used the initial only).  

I informed Ms. Smith of Mistress Samantha who I like to join our lessons by webcam and she agreed – it would be the four of us.  I also informed her that the wig and field trip needed to be discussed with Mistress Samantha.  I would be doing whatever they decided.  

The appointment was setup.  Prior to it I was given home work assignments by Ms. Smith.  The first was to inventory what makeup I had and how I applied it.  She was quite pleased with my answers.  This lead to my second homework assignment picking 5 female celebrity or public figures whose look I admire including pictures.  Well makeup is just part of it – here are the five I submitted to her.  I’m sure you will recognize many of the woman.  Do you like my choices?




Prior to the first lesson, I did not need Mistress to tell me, I needed more feminine makeup bags, reading glasses and a pink hairbrush which I found one specifically for wigs.   During all of the interactions, Mistress allowed them to freely flow.  Just prior to the first meeting Mistress let me know she had some things to discuss with Ms. Smith.

The next blog entry will be about the girls all meeting to discuss my future makeup and wig styling.  It will be about how Mistress Samantha took her very feminine slave girl from “FREE” to “FULLY ALIVE” in the presence of Ms. Smith.    Yes – the meeting with Ms. Smith was awesome and she will be starting my lessons soon!

Thank you Ms. Smith and Mistress Samantha, please envision my curtsying before both of you 


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  1. Sounds like an amazing experience!! Congrats! I can’t wait to read more about it in your next blog entry!

  2. Oh it was amazing…my feminine side is ON FIRE !! It is so powerful now and the more powerful it gets ..the more I LOVE it !!!

  3. That you so much. You can also subscribe so that when I post something you are alerted. My next installment on my makeup lessons should be done this weekend, early next week at the latest

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