Psychologically Enslaved

I’ve reached a point where I have to wear my ruffled panties and pantyhose at all times.  I can no longer bear to take them off.  On rare occasions that I do (things like an airport XRAY or a medical exam), I detest it.  Not wearing my panties and pantyhose has come to symbolize denial, suppression, hiding, and locking up of who I really am.  It is absolutely wrong now for me to take off my panties and pantyhose.  It’s only done when I don’t have a choice and I DON’T LIKE IT.  

Oh, do i so love to wear them.  The feel of the panties pressing against the sheer pantyhose encasing the croch.  YES – I wear my panties outside the pantyhose so the pretty panties are prominently displayed as I change in the morning and at night.  I love how I look in them and always take a few moments to admire myself.  I so love the feel of the sheer stockings against my legs from my toes to the cock and balls which are now 100% the private possession and personal property of Mistress Samantha.   Yes – this so totally turns me on.  I find this so sexually appealing, desirable, and very HOT.  

How does this constant turn-on and feminized state effect me?  It is like pouring gasoline on a fire.  I constantly think and dream of the next time I can slip in one of my lacy Victoria Secret or Frederick’s bra’s, or replace the pantyhose with a sexy garter belt and sheer stockings.  When can I next wear a provocative dress?  Or my stiletto high heels?  Oh, I want to do my lipstick, eye shadow, and mascara also.  Let’s not forget the wig, necklaces and bracelets.  

Yes I need to dress this way but not just alone.  No – I need the attention of Mistress Samantha.  I need to be on display in front of her.  Put on a dress when I alone? Not anymore – always in front of Mistress or other females (like when I went dress shopping for prom gowns) from now on !

Constant, continual, erotic torment while re-enforcing and fueling the desires even more.

Yes I know I’m totally psychologically enslaved and absolutely helpless to resist in any way but I LOVE IT.

 Thank you Mistress Samantha and Nina for helping me understand how much I love wearing lacy panties and sheer pantyhose at all times.  



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  1. Back to April 2010, you were totally in control – defiant, arrogant, self-assured setting all the rules. Desires totally bottled up, suppressed, denied, constrained and totally restrained allowed only to be expressed when you decided.

    Now look at you

    We know exactly how to control you desires, will, and thoughts.

    We are very pleased with how well you’ve responded to the training and conditioning.

    Yes – you’ll wear panties and pantyhose FOREVER now and we don’t even have to ask or tell you to. LOL – We know it’s now absolutely impossible for you to stop – LOL Very pleased that you know it also

    Are we done with you?

    No, we are just starting with you. Yes – the conditioning continues as you are now in constant torment always increasing your feminine desires (even when you sleep).

    No, we will tease, torment, and torture you and you’ll be unable to resist the need to go further.

    Before we are done with you – YOU’LL willing and voluntarily strip away every ounce of “male” persona, ride, dignity, and ego and place it at our feet as we feminize you to extreme.

    I find this blog entry adorable, cute, and precious Princess.

  2. Thank you Karen. My blog is about real life submission, thoughts or feelings. If you have any questions please ask

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