Deeper and deeper I go

I posted an blog entry in Feb 2012 for a NY/NJ makeup artist willing to do private makeup lessons with me.  Out of the blue, 3 woman responded last week.  One is perfect and close by.  So private makeup lessons will start next month.  Myself, the makeup artist, her assistant and yes Samantha also.

How many lessons?  They will decide when I’m done.  I need to learn how to do an innocent, cute, professional, sultry and sexy look as a minimum.  

Deeper and deeper into feminization I go.  



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  1. I am turned on by fanincial domination and you are incredibly good looking i am finding it hard not to get hard as i look at your photos. if i call can you tell me why fanincial domination gets me so excited?

  2. Jordan,

    I would absolutely recommend that you contact Mistress Samantha and discuss this with her.

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