Princess got one helluva spanking tonight

Yes – the bottom is stripped and sore.

First through the panties and stockings with the Flogger and then the Cane moving to a bare ass spanking. 

Yes – Princesses bottom is very red, sore, and has welts from the cane. She will not be sleeping on her back tonight, the ass is too tender.  She deserves it !

Was Mistress mad?  No just a retribution spanking for the years of denying my feminine submissive side.  

When Mistress Samantha spanks you, you will feel it.


The day after for all the world to see and yes Princesses ass is normally smooth.  She got a well deserved spanking – thank you mistress for disciplining me !


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  1. Just look at that girlie derriere, freshly disciplined and given some color the night before the photo was taken. While Princess did get her little tushy flogged and caned, I do believe she forgot to mention the remainder of her disciplinary session that followed the spanking…

    After I set that curvy little butt on fire, it was time for Princess to be subjected to her most favorite form of punishment (*wicked laughter*): the bowl of ice. (*More laughter*) Princess knows all to well by now that, when the ice bowl is summoned, it is time to dunk and keep well-chilled those naughty man-bits, which now belong solely to ME!

    So… I have little Miss Princess fully submerge MY cock and balls into the frigidly cold ice – and leave them there until such time that I decide it is acceptable for her to remove them. After only a brief time, Princess inevitably begins to whine, moan, beg, and plead to be allowed out of the ice. Ah… But a resounding “No!” or “Not yet!” is the answer.

    What a wonderful time for Princess to apologize profusely to Nina and pledge her endless loyalty and service to her amazing wife, our dear Nina Paige, myself, and femininity!!

    Of course, just one enthusiastic round of declarations and apologies are not quite enough for me to grant permission to pull that cocksicle and ball pops out of the ice and the cold water that is building up due to some thawing. I shall grant permission only when I decide to do so – and Princess chilly jewels WILL remain on ice until I give to word…

    Now, it is Wednesday, and Princess is due for more discipline this evening. Oh, Princess… Are you ready for your flogging and freezing?!?!?! *wicked, wicked laughter…*

  2. I loved all the different ponitioss for spanking. I liked the suggestions around how to add other stuff into the the spanking dynamic and how you can access each other in the different ponitioss was great.

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