Public shopping punishment vise is tightened even more

To fully understand and appreciate the devilish retribution being applied, you may want to read the blog entry immediately below and associated comments from Mistress and myself.  

I have also repeated the poll from that blog entry.  Why fill out the poll?  Because this blog is about real life of a feminized submissive and you do get to influence what is being done and what will be done in the future.  I can all but guarantee that if you’re a biological female with a suggestion, comment or recommendation that “she” will be required to do it and inform all the blog users of the details when mistress reads it.  If you don’t believe it then test it !!

Here is the new blog entry:

The public punishment shopping vise tightens. If the store staff does not help you shop, you have to continue shopping anyway for at least 15 minutes. If she decided not to assist you, she is somebody who you cannot predict. You have lost control.

Maybe she decided that other customers are to know these are your clothes. Is she telling them while you shop?  Is she telling the other staff?   Is she texting her friend?

She will be watching you pick out you sexy bra, panties, stockings, lipstick, and eye shadow. Maybe she will hand you a pretty shopping bag to put them in or maybe she will have you carry them around for all to see.

Now comes the time to go to her at the counter. She has the picture of you dressed as a girl and now she will see close-up item by item what you’ll be wearing next. My vote is I hope she embarasses you as you check out “Are you sure this bra will fit you?” etc. Like your public punishment? Well, what awaits you next is Mistresses private punishment. For if you don’t succeed in getting her to help you shop than it has been decided that Mistress will punish you. You were not Miss Congeniality.  You blew it.   So easy, you can lie to her? I wouldn’t try it because the sales staff may enter a comment or Mistress might decide to call the store.  You are trapped with no escape. 

Now if the sales staff decides to help you, Mistress has required you to prepare questions that you will ask.  An example would be “I brought her a lovely white sheer blouse that was see-through with a short elastic band mini-skirt the last time. I shopped. She loves to wear it and wears it frequently. I’m looking to pick our a push-up bra that will focus the bra as the center of attention when she wears the outfit and poses for pictures.. Do you have any recommendations?”. Oh, you’ll have some a wonderful conversation on which bra will look the best under her(your) blouse or perhaps how often she wears the outfit and poses for pictures.  You have lost total control of where the conversation will go.   All the time the sales staff knows who she/her is.

This is just a sample (1 out of 12) so our readers can comprend ahead of time.  Read mistresses comments to the article below – they are many more plans to come

You’re going to be taken deep into femininzation, very deep and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

If any ladies have worked at Victoria’s Secret, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Intimacy Bra or private lingerie stores would love to have your comments.

Whoever you are please vote. I’m thrilled with poll responses so far but would love more.

Poll repeated on this posting also


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  1. make me female and ill serve you sexually mail me at kellymargerisonatyahoodotcom

  2. No Kelly – nobody is going to email you. You must initiate what you want. There is a link of my page to mistresses site, you must contact her if you want to. Serve her sexually? Not in the real world Kelly – you don’t set the terms – Mistress will and you will do what you’re told, when you’re told immediately and without hesitation or question. As a submissive to females you will learn that even touching yourself may not be allowed anymore. Pleasure? It will probably not “cum” the way you want it. You will be turned into a slave girl but you will serve mistress as she decides not as you want.

    Sorry if I you feel any disillusionment – this is feminized submissive in the real world not the fantasy world

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