Yes public punishment is my plan for you !

Oh Princess, you better hope mistress stops me.  It’s time to punish, discipline, and break you some more.

It’s off to Frederick’s of Hollywood, Victoria Secret, Intimacy Bra and maybe some local lingerie stores.   It will be at least 3 different chains and maybe 6 different stores.

I can feel the tension now.  The knot in your stomach, the more rapid heartbeat, your mouth is getting dry, you will have have trouble speaking clearly and you cannot look in her eyes as she approaches you.  You are gripped in fear. will feel this way to my utter enjoyment and entertainment.  This is the next stage of  having your male pride, dignity, persona, and ego stripped away.  However it is not the final stage.  Best of all is the you will strip it away by yourself  in front of her.  You have no choice in the matter.  

As she continues to approach you will broadly smile, maintain eye contact, and have a very relaxed posture. You are to be pretty Miss Congeniality in a beauty pageant. When she asks if she can help you, you must be really cute/adorable and give her a sweet, friendly response.  You will hand her the card which is a personal invitation to her to help you.   

On the card will be your signature photo, the one in your silver stiletto high heels, sheer black pantyhose,  short petticoat, tight black waist cincher, strapless bra, breast forms, blonde wig, necklace with your nails painted red, and your red lipstick.  Of course, underneath you will be wearing a lacy bra, garter belt, stockings, panties, and your ankle bracelets.   Not a stitch of male underwear – not even socks are allowed.

On the upper right hand corner will be the confirmation “Yes, it’s me !” above your picture.  But there is much more on the front of the card.  You are going to specifically invite the sales person to help you match “HER(yours) clothes and makeup”.  You will let her know it will be fun but if she doesn’t want to assist you will discreetly shop yourself.  No – you don’t get to leave if she doesn’t want to help. You’ll spend at least 15 minutes picking out bra’s,  panties, makeup etc. to take to the counter and buy. Will she be talking about you with other staff or customers?  You’ll never know – beautiful torment.   She will have seen you dressed pretty, knows you are HER, and gets to see what you’ll be wearing next.  Embarrassing?  Humbling?  Yes – it’s strips away your male dignity.  So even if you wind up shopping by yourself you’re getting publicly punished.  

Your worst nightmare is if she accepts your invitation to help you and/or reads the back of the card.  On that side, you will have written that it’s been 1.5+ years of continual Feminization and you love it.  It will refer to this blog for more information but will also define the portion of the blog name “submissive” as completely obedient to all females.  You will write something to encourage her questions and promise to answer ANY provided they cannot be overheard.  You will encourage her to enter comments on this blog and you will provide your email address.  

You are now at her mercy dear -she knows she can ask you any question at all and that you’re obedient to females.  This is where I want you and how I want you to feel. Further embarrassment, humbling, and breaking of you.  Dare you risk not behaving like a perfect submissive lady?  She has your blog name and can enter comments.  If you aren’t perfect, Mistress will find out and you will be in HUGE trouble.  So dear, you are nicely trapped with no way to escape.  She can toy with you if she chooses.  You have no control like I had no control for all those decades.  Like how it feels, dear?  Let us know with a further blog entry.

Do you really truly HAVE to do this?  in a word YES you do !  Punishment to fit the crime



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  1. Oh, Princess… You may be recoiling in fear and horror as my dearest Nina Paige describes how you will be so obedient -and exposed!- in public, willingly “outing” yourself as the femininity-loving, female-subservient, and incredibly girlie submissive that you are – BUT… This is ONLY the beginning Ms. Prissy Princess. Years of naughty behavior are not rectified in a short period of time. Oh no! Princess has MUCH repenting to do, and her penance will take YEARS to even begin to make an acceptable difference. If Princess thinks her “open” shopping escapades are all there is to her public exposure and complete annihilation of the final remnants of that nasty male ego, pride, and facade, she is SO, SO sorely mistaken. Just you wait, Ms. Princess… There are manicures, pedicures, and facials to be done, so that you may be the most refined, feminine, and prettiest submissive possible for Mistress – and YOU WILL do precisely as Nina and I instruct you. After all, you are no longer in control, but are the one BEING controlled by Nina and myself – and what fun she and I are going to have at your expense…

  2. Yes..Mistress I understand fully all of your comments. The revenge & retribution is well deserved. From sneaking, hiding, cheating, misleading, denial and suppression to full openness/expression on public display for others to see. Yes – it is perfect justice being administered to fit the crime.

    The card showing how pretty/feminine I look when I’m dressed, my asking her to please help me pick HER next set of clothes, the revelation of my very submissive side to females and the final icing on the cake – displaying persona of Miss Congeniality for the sales staff to see. Yes – the former macho control freak and the driving business leader is totally cringing in fear, anxiety, and horror for I know that I have no way to escape or avoid this. How humbling and embarrassing to have to witness the the complete, total annihilation of every single ounce of the “macho” male pride, dignity and ego. But this is nothing compared to the humiliation of my having to watch it with my full complete cooperation and total participation.

    For new readers of the blog, I’m now feminized at all times(24 hours a day every day) – the minimum allowed is pretty panties and sheer pantyhose/stockings. I’ve been this way for over 1.5 years now. Each day I grow more submissive and devoted to be feminized. I will be dressed femininely for every day for the rest of my life – I love it too much to stop now.

    Yes Mistress/Nina, the fun and entertainment will be at my expense because I’m your submissive both psychologically and contractually.

    So readers as Mistress has written – there is much, much more to come

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