Valentine’s shopping at Frederick’s and Victoria’s secret

On my last shopping trip, I was so excited I brought the same skirt in two different Frederick’s of Hollywood stores.  Yes, I did like that skirt.  

So today, I returned one of the skirts.  I recognized both woman in the store, I had done large purchases with each of them. To complete the look, I needed a white lacy bra and waist cincher.  First they helped me select the bra and when I asked for the waist cincher in size XL, one of the ladies went to the back room to get it.  Very nice and they suggested a white matching bra instead.  I picked out 2 pairs of stockings and then checked out.  One of the woman who I recently purchased the clothes from asked if she liked the clothes.  I told her yes, she really liked them.  After check-out and crediting for the return, I handed them both MY card with a note on the back “Thank you for helping me shop.  I’d love your comments on my blog”.  

Then onto Victoria’s Secret where I purchased lipstick (Vino color) , lip gloss(Heated color) and lip liner(classic red).  I then proceeded to shop for a white slip.  Alas no extra large.  When I checked out, the cashier told me the lip gloss was the demonstration tube.  She asked one of the ladies to bring a tube to the front counter. When she was done checking me out, I handed her my card also.  As I left, I said goodbye to the lady who brought the lip gloss to the counter and some other ladies at the makeup counter.  They were ultra friendly.  My sixth sense said they all knew it was for me.  How many men come in and pick out make-up?

 Of course, I was wearing NO  male attire underneath( no socks, no underpants, & no undershirt).  I was wearing a bra, satin slip, silk panties, garter belt, stockings, half slip, two ankle bracelets, and my toe nails were painted bright red.   

Oh I love shopping with females.  No blog entry would be complete without my thanking the ladies who assisted me today.  Thank you so much ladies. 

Anybody want any more convincing that Mistress Samantha has turned me into her girly girl?

If so, leave a comment with your suggestion as to what she should have me do?     



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  1. This is the cashier who rang you up at Victoria’s Secret. I just wanted to let you know that I do believe that we have XLs on the company website, We also accept online and catalogue returns in the store (we cannot refund your money in the store, but you will receive a credit to your account/money put back on your card when they receive the merchandise at distribution [usually 7-10 business days], and the shipping from the store is free). Also, our new lip lacquer is really nice and lasts a very long time; its my favorite! Next time you visit our store, ask for the girl with the short hair (I usually work nights and weekends), I’d be more than willing to help you find a good shade!

  2. Oh, thank you so much. I’d love to work with you to find a perfect shade of lipstick and perhaps some matching eye makeup. I’ll probably be shopping again sometime in March or certainly by April.

    Yes, I know Victoria’s Secret carries XL via mail order, but I now only shop in person. Perhaps when I come back we can find a matching bra and panties.

    Thank you again

  3. haven’t been able to make it in to shop. maybe May

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