Thank you Ladies at Frederick’s of Hollywood & Victoria Secret

Today, I personally went shopping at THREE different Frederick’s of Hollywood stores and 1 Victoria Secret’s store.  




Much more to come…..But first I cannot wait to try on my pretty, feminine clothes and items I just purchased !!

Back a few hours later after trying the clothes on.   Oh..they feel and look great.  Between the three Fredrick’s stores, I brought new dresses, skirt/blouse, bra, panties, waist cincher, slips, garter belt, stockings, bracelets, necklaces and nail polish.  Oh, I love how they feel and look.   Yes, I do feel very pretty.  

In Victoria Secret’s, the ladies helped me pick out lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss.   Something Frederick’s doesn’t carry.  Fredrick’s is really good with XL sizes.  

So how did I feel personally shopping for my clothes?  I loved and cherished it.  To fully understand, you need to know I’ve been dressing in female attire since I was 10 years old.  Hiding, sneaking, suppressing, fighting my desires to be both feminized and submissive.  It feels so awesome, special, and liberating to do the opposite !!  Yes, the girl inside is free and again a special thanks to the ladies in these stores.  You made me feel so comfortable, at ease, accepted, and that made it lots of fun !!  How did you do that?  By treating everything as just another customer shopping for pretty clothes.  I didn’t feel like a man out of place in a lingerie store. Everything was just normal, comfortable, and relaxed.  If you suspected it was for me, you said nothing, and made me feel welcomed.   I felt just like a girl shopping.  

Of course, I should have felt like a girl.  Unbeknownst to you ladies, underneath I was dressed “all girl”; pantyhose, ankle bracelets, panties, half slip, bra, and baby doll pajama’s.  Oh yes, I was feeling rather girly and loving it.   

So readers, did we discuss these were my clothes with the ladies in the store?  Not at all, the only exception was after being checked out.  I handed the person who checked me out my new card and welcomed them to read this blog as I was leaving the store.   The card contains a real full length photo of me dressed as a girl with my face slightly blurred.  I didn’t wait for their reactions but I can tell you it was one of a modest surprise.  

Now as readers of this blog know, pictures of me are never posted here.  They are Mistresses to post.  So my card is below but the full length picture of me is blocked except for a little tease of my shins, ankles, and shoes. 

Feminized submissive slave girl on display

Yes, the days of suppression are over.  It is time to express and be who I was always meant to be.  A feminized submissive, serving females and loving every moment of it !

I hope the ladies who helped today use the card to read this blog. I want them to know how great it feels to be accepted shopping for feminine attire.  Maybe if they read it they can add a comment for others to read.


Of course, special thank you to Mistress who gave me permission to shop and have more girl time.  Thank you Mistress.


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  1. Congrats and well dvreseed. I love your blog.

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