It’s 2012…The journey is just beginning Princess

It’s 2012 and you’re starting the year deeply feminized and quite submissive.

Yes, we’ve turned you completely and totally into a girl.    It begins with the mind and the inner persona.  You denied, suppressed, and hide it your whole life but you’re now a girl inside and not  just a little bit.  You are all-girl inside and now your helpless to resist it, suppress it or deny it in any way at all especially to yourself.

We have you unable to resist wearing anything but pretty lace panties, sheer stockings, and caging your cock so that erections are now impossible without our permission ( which will rarely come and you know you LOVE IT!).  A month or so without wearing a dress, stockings, makeup, high heels is pure torment for you now !!!  We know you cannot wait to dress this way again.  What an incredible change. 

Let us not forget the cane, hairbrush and whip.  You know you deserve a good sounding spanking for your treatment of me and best of all you really want to be spanked.  

When you started 2011,

  • Did you think you’d be in dress boutiques being fitted by woman for your own pretty formal gowns?
  • Did you imagine that you’d want to have your erections totally controlled and taken away from you?  
  • Did you realize that you’d be a cock-hold and not allowed to cum without permission?

So what does 2012, have in store for you?  Well, I promise you we are only just starting to teach you about Feminization and submission.  It will be deeper, more profound, and more intense.  Your price to pay for the years of suppression will be more expression, freedom, and liberation of the girl inside.

The journey is just beginning, the adventures are just starting, and the discovery will be profound and intense.  My time has come.  It is GO-GIRL… go and Princess you will do every single thing we want, desire or dream of.    

Mistress Samantha and Miss Nina Paige are a inseparable team and Princess is our little toy to mold in a totally perfect feminine submissive.  It is INTENSELY exciting to have you so willing and helpless to do anything we want !!!



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