The sweetest irony and perfect justice

The desire is building again within you.

You’re just like every other cross-dresser.  You ultimately cannot resist and soon again you will be wearing pretty panties, bra, stockings, and a dress.  Yes, you will try and resist it.  You delude yourself thinking you can suppress your desires.   You lie to yourself that you are managing it but you are not.   Yes, blog readers its not a question of IF you’ll be wearing a dress again, it is only a question of when.  Yes, reading this blog means you are getting closer and closer again. 

You know, as you read this, the desires are growing by the moment. You are starting to get more sexually excited. You are in the firm tight grip of this desire.  Think about it for just one moment.  The feel of those silky stockings, the adorable ruffled panties encasing you, the lacy bra, and the lovely feminine dress.  Oh yes, you know how awesome this feels.   You know you need to do it just one more time.  Yes, you are weakening, you cannot win !

Fantasize about her “catching” you and imposing consequences, “forcing” you into the outfit to punish you, or the “deal/bet” that will have you in that special dress.  Oh yes, those fantasies do not go away.  They only grow stronger.  

Is your special dress, a pretty maid’s outfit?  Maybe it’s a secretary – HER secretary.   Perhaps it’s a Prom girl – You didn’t get to wear your prom dress( Not yet anyway).  Or maybe it the most feminine possible dress – A bridal gown.    Close your eyes, is your dream dress a pretty black/pink french maid’s outfit, a mini-skirted secretary, a lovely prom girl, or a long flowing bridal gown?  I’ll bet it is all of them.  Now that you’ve read this, you’ll be unable to resist the thought of wearing EVERY one of these dresses.  Try and forgot your special dress.  You cannot !  

So you think that touching yourself will help you manage it.  Oh what sweet irony and perfect justice.  The more you do this the more you weaken and the more you need to do it.  You are in a perfect circle of needing to dress more like a pretty girl and be more submissive to females.  It’s the perfect submissive, feminine trap and it doesn’t even matter that you know it.  You are already helpless – you are too weak to control it – you are a submissive after-all.

The girl inside you is growing in her power and there is nothing you can do to control her.   What does she have in store for you?  Be prepared to pay the full price for not submitting to her.    She will have her way with you,  its only a question of when and what price you will pay for resisting her.  

Do you know what you really need?  YES – you do !  You’ve always known.  You need to have a real relationship with a female who accepts, loves to deal with people like you and me.   It’s only a phone call away (check my link for the best female in America to work with).  Yet you tell yourself it needs to be done in real-time.

Another excuse – another form of resistance – more empowering of the girl inside of you – more price for you to pay eventually.    

The girl inside has you in her grip, she will not release you and you will not escape her.  You are trapped in the perfect circle of feminine submission and it is here you will stay – forever. 

The only thing you should do is come to grips with these desires.  You need to establish a real relationship with a real female.  A mere phone call away !



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